Who is Fedora?

Those who SEE me, know me. I am all that God has desired me to be and more. I am his instrument of words crafting stories and inspiration from my heart to my lovers.

I am alive, fulfilled, well-loved, desired, envied, disliked, celebrated and honored by those whose lives I touch with my heart. Love is not selfish and does not harm another. Love nurtures, nourishes, and protects. I am LOVE through God’s spirit.

I liberate my readers, by challenging them to discover and live out the desires of their hearts, by sharing my journey through words. I believe in intimacy and want to create an intimate relationship with my followers, so when you follow me you will become one of my many lovers. I spread love everywhere I go and encourage my lovers to do the same.

Let me show you who I am in my way, through a poem:

The words flow
From within my soul
They emanate the
Depth of my world

They show me the path
Towards my peace
My creativity fires me
Makes me feel empowered

My words speak to all
Who read them
They tell them the story
Of their innermost parts

They tell them the things
They may not always see
The things they hide
And don’t really want to be

My words create a space
In time that makes
One want to stay
To dwell
To escape
To their destiny


Fedora loves you. Peace!