Just Some of My Thoughts on His Creation

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018He created me for this moment. For this season. To be who I am right now. To do the very thing I am doing at this moment. Writing this to you. To tell you how much I appreciate how I was created.

When God created woman, he took his time. He knew that she was made of delicate material, so he handled her with care. He cultivated his creation admiring his work as he proceeded. Once he was satisfied with her excellence he sealed it with his breath of life.

She lives, she breathes, HIS CREATION. Prepared for a moment like this. My life is bringing so many new turns and some unfamiliar territories that are daunting but He created me for that too. He already poured His spirit into my being. I forever live in his love, his power, his admiration of HIS CREATION.

There is no other place to be standing at this point in the journey. Realization!!!

I was created for this!!!

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry


Transistions In Love

Transitions in Love

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018Sometimes we go through storms of transition. Many believe that the path of love will be a cloud walk. Lost in the love of your beloved and everything will magically work out. This is so untrue. Love takes work, patience, endurance, and forgiveness.

Transitions are not easy. During transitions you experience a tearing away of the old and the opening of a new unfamiliar path. This path is often empty as you have never traveled it before. then the fear bombards you as you realize you have no control over this at all. I am merely a piece of clay in the master’s hand. He is shaping me into what he wants through this path. How do I navigate this path of love successfully?

We have been on our love journey now for three years. We have overcome so many obstacles. We have broken up several times. But our souls yearn for each other and always find their way  back to each other. We both attempted to leave each other again over the past month. I started it and then he did it. But this time I said NO! We are only going to come right back. This is another one of those hurdles, those fearful moments when the reality of love overwhelms the heart.

I also realized that I will love him as long as I live. Some soul ties never die. I also learned the reason why we always come back is because we exchange an energy between us that gives us life. We commune with each other on a spiritual level when we make love. We literally give ourselves to the other. We live inside each other.

But even after the many obstacles I stand today and say it is all worth it! He is worth it! We are worth it! He is a quality man with the purest heart.  I will allow love to flow between us, through us, inside us, and from us. I love you handsome!!

As you face a new path, a transition in life, remember it is only a temporary change in your path. It is not how it will stay.

Fedora loves you. Peace

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry

My Soul Loves

I don’t know if you can ever say that you are 100% sure someone loves you. But I can say that today because it is unmistakable. I am sure he loves me but why did it take me so long to accept it? I totally surrendered to my heart. Something I spent most of my adulthood trying to avoid. I am 51 years old and I just met the man of my dreams three years ago.

He really is the man of my dreams! My dreams were distorted early on in my life, when I was led to believe that I didn’t need a man. I learned that is not true. I was created to have a covering and to belong to another. I was not meant to be single. When I face this woman in the mirror today I acknowledge that love is her smoking gun. Giving and receiving love is what makes me come to life.

He really is the man I dreamt of way back in my innocent years before I knew many men. How do I know? Because he is my mirror image. I see myself in his eyes. The innocent part in his heart that still exist in mine. That’s where we connect. That place within me that only exists for one other being, God. In my heart, in my soul.

I wasted so much time being scared to open and scared to live. But now I welcome it. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I find myself excited although I don’t know the path. I am closer to God more now than ever. Ironically at the same time I have opened my heart to receive his love. So, for those who think the man of my dreams is perfect, no he’s not. But he is true and peaceful. A graceful place to lay my head and rest. Assuredly, I welcome his love completely.

Fedora Loves You, Peace.

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry

Just some of my thoughts…

Unravel me


Let me share with you why I am sharing this song. As you know certain songs speak to my spirit, this is one of them. I am entering a phase where I am guarding myself sexually. Often we give ourselves to those who disregard the importance and meaning of sexual love.

There are times when one should abstain in order to bring balance and harmony back to your spirit. This is important because as we connect with our mates sexually we also take in their spirit. We become entangled in their battles, agendas, love, glory etc. Now this is okay when that is your intention. You both have decided to become life partners this is exactly what you want.

But if that is not your plan, then entangling yourself in this way disturbs the natural order of your life and goals. So at this point I am finally refocused on my purpose and I do have those who are attempting unravel me.

Lovers it is not easy because once the door to desire has been opened you can’t close it. All you can do is attempt to keep the fire as low as possible. I have successfully abstained for about five years previously. But this time it’s harder. But I intend to stand my ground!

I know you’re trying but you’ll never unravel me!!!!

Fedora Loves you. Peace.

Do You Know How Much He Loves You

Unfortunately, I don’t have fond memories of love in my life. The majority of people who said they loved me, also hurt me. Therefore, I grew up with a distorted view of love.

As a young woman I realized that men gave me attention because of my physical appearance and somewhere in my head equated that to finding love. Little did I know they were only seeking their own lustful desires. I am glad that I now know the difference and no longer seek love through sex.

But I still struggle with receiving love. When I first started my healing journey, I had to learn about loving myself first. Only through self-love would I be able to receive love from others. I had not realized that somewhere along my painful journey I believed I was unlovable.

Thank God for healing, as I no longer feel this way. I love myself and give love to others freely. But I still struggle with receiving love. I actually struggle with recognizing love as well. This is something that I have been working on in my Spiritual walk.

God mimics love for us in how he cares for us. Love is not a word that is said but rather something that is done. There have been numerous occasions where God has revealed the actions of love bestowed upon me by others that I had missed.

This is what I have learned:

  • People who love you stay connected to you. They may not be in your life everyday but they are always there if you need them. They show you that through their actions.
  • People who love you may not always say how much they love you. But they may sing your praises to others.
  • People who love you will give of themselves to help you when you are in need. It’s like they are compelled to do so because they cannot stand to see you suffer.
  • People who love you encourage you to be your best. They don’t pretend like they don’t see your shortcomings, they love all of you, even the shortcomings.
  • People who love you will protect you. While you may get hurt in any relationship, a person who loves you seeks to protect the beloved from harm and danger. Like a mother shields her young.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of how love is displayed but it is a glimpse into being able to recognize love in your life. I have spent too many years running away from those who love me due to my own fears. So as I recognize some of these acts of love in my life and relationships I am moving toward them now instead of away.

Yes, I want to know how much he really loves me, so I am paying attention and embracing all that God has for me in the second half of my life.

Fedora Loves You. Peace!