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Transistions In Love

Transitions in Love

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018Sometimes we go through storms of transition. Many believe that the path of love will be a cloud walk. Lost in the love of your beloved and everything will magically work out. This is so untrue. Love takes work, patience, endurance, and forgiveness.

Transitions are not easy. During transitions you experience a tearing away of the old and the opening of a new unfamiliar path. This path is often empty as you have never traveled it before. then the fear bombards you as you realize you have no control over this at all. I am merely a piece of clay in the master’s hand. He is shaping me into what he wants through this path. How do I navigate this path of love successfully?

We have been on our love journey now for three years. We have overcome so many obstacles. We have broken up several times. But our souls yearn for each other and always find their way  back to each other. We both attempted to leave each other again over the past month. I started it and then he did it. But this time I said NO! We are only going to come right back. This is another one of those hurdles, those fearful moments when the reality of love overwhelms the heart.

I also realized that I will love him as long as I live. Some soul ties never die. I also learned the reason why we always come back is because we exchange an energy between us that gives us life. We commune with each other on a spiritual level when we make love. We literally give ourselves to the other. We live inside each other.

But even after the many obstacles I stand today and say it is all worth it! He is worth it! We are worth it! He is a quality man with the purest heart.  I will allow love to flow between us, through us, inside us, and from us. I love you handsome!!

As you face a new path, a transition in life, remember it is only a temporary change in your path. It is not how it will stay.

Fedora loves you. Peace

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry


Man’s Peace

His heart explodes
As he is forced
To recall the harshness
Of the steps
That closed in near him

On the concrete
His stem so firmly
Ground in the dirt
Trapped way beneath his girth
Cradled him yet strangled him
When he had thoughts
Of breaking free

But each time the sun
Pulled him towards
The warmth of her rays
But at night
The coldness of the moon
Makes him howl

When roots grow cold
Reflecting on the old
Ways that stunted his growth
Made his leaves wilt

But all it took was one ray
To restore his faith
Make him stand strong
Readying his song
To brazen another day

For his soul never dies
Not this one
The Rose
That survived
The concrete
Were there was none

Man’s Growth

Thank you
For letting go
For letting me know
That the rose has
Started to sprout

Sometimes we need
A little push
To make us do
What we always know
We needed to

This is just
One of the steps
In the beginning of
This new process
This new life
This new way
That God has promised

I am sure that
There will be
Many many more
Moments for the
Rose to sprout
To bloom
To grow
To be
Coming from
The concrete

Love and Commitment

Feeding Love by FedoraDo we have committed relationships with every person we love? That is a big question. There are many different types of love but for the purpose of this piece I am referring to the love between a man and a woman. I stated before that I love two men right now in different ways. One is a sexually intimate relationship, which brings about all types of emotional connections and the other is truly a friendship with a strong emotional bond. But when considering love and commitment, how do you determine if the love you feel can sustain a committed relationship.

Love is a choice

The biggest thing to consider is that love is a choice. The emotions come without much effort, it is a natural connection between two that is unmistakable. But it needs to be nurtured and fed in order for it to grow and fulfill the beloved. Sexual intimacy is one way to nurture love but should not be the sole way. As we are not always able to be sexually intimate and all of us will grow older one day thus placing severe limitations on sexual intimacy. Therefore love should be displayed in other ways as well through the course of a of a relationship.

How is love nurtured

According to Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages there are other ways people say “I love you” and each person has a different love language. The five areas are[1]:

  • Words of Affirmation – may include verbal praise and encouragement, kindness, saying thank you, compliments, notes, emails, and letters.
  • Quality Time – may include having undivided attention, spending time together, planning activities and outings, and engaging in quality conversations that may allow you to get into the head of your lover thus deepening intimacy.
  • Gifts – may include visual symbols of love, can be as small as a cup of coffee, roses, candy, and perhaps a card. The thought is what is most important not the size or cost of the gift.
  • Acts of Service – may include doing things for others or having them help you out, such as cooking you dinner, giving you a massage, washing your car etc.
  • Physical Touch – may include giving pats on the back, hugs, a kiss on the cheek, holding hands, or basically any skin to skin contact.

For couples it requires time and attention to understand each other’s love language. One person can be feeling completely fulfilled while the other is feeling neglected. It is easy to get wrapped up into life and ourselves and forget to nurture those close to you.

When I love I give a lot but many times I don’t feel as though I receive as much as I need in return. I don’t love to receive anything back but love is a two-way street. Perhaps I have not communicated my love language directly to my significant other. They don’t always know you automatically. Maintaining a relationship is work and it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a time.

What is your love language?

My Love Language

I generally find that I am moved by words, acts of service, and physical touch. I feel loved the most when it is shown in this way, which is probably why I am not feeling much love in return from my lover or perhaps it’s not love at all. Maybe I am caught in a world wind of infatuation. Infatuation of course does not last. It eventually wears off as the reality of the relationship begins to set in. It is at this point when a couple finds out whether what they have can sustain them for a lifetime. Which is precisely the moment Elizabeth has in 9 ½ weeks when she is crying under the stairs. She realizes that while she is totally engrossed with her lover perhaps even loves him what they have will not sustain them in a committed relationship. It took me years to understand that scene. But finally I do.

We feel things for many people and I realized this week that if I had married every man I “had feelings” for then I would be at least a five-time divorcee. I say this because it is crucial to examine relationships to determine whether the love is real and strong enough to weather the lifetime commitment of marriage.

Fedora loves you. Peace




[1] Chapman, Gary. The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Northfield Publishing, 1995

Agape Love

I have been silent for a few weeks. I have been very busy. I am in transition right now. It started out kind of hard for me to adjust to because I don’t really want to be in this space right now. But God has a way making things happen. So here I am moving forward not really sure where I am going but at least I am moving.

My best friend said she wanted to be like me when she grew up because men fall in love with me. It all looks so glamorous from the outside, but she doesn’t know how much it costs me to have these connections, to be vulnerable for the benefit of someone else. To not be able to fulfill what I need and desire because my first priority is them and their purpose. To always love the difficult ones and focus on their heart rather than their flaws. Agape love is not easy, it hurts but it heals too.

I don’t know him, but I love him. How is that? How do you love the persona of someone, their words, their pictures, and their gestures? I have only seen glimpses of him on camera. The most physical interaction was him blowing me a kiss. He hides himself from the world, from me. He has talked to me on the phone a few times. Which I truly enjoy, but I want to see him. We have a soul connection. He told me that I am his best friend and that I know him better than most people, which is true. But still I often wonder what it would be like for us to connect physically.

But now I love another. Only this time it has progressed farther than agape love. I am in love with him. I am intimate with him physically. He touches a part of me that hasn’t had attention for many years. He makes me want to be his totally my mind, body and soul. He makes me want to be taken care of by him. It is different than the love I feel for my long distance friend. He has spoiled my body for him only since he touched me. I have not allowed anyone else to get that close. He occupies my mind the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing of at night.

Despite all of the men who love and want me, I go to bed alone every night. Now there is no need to be sad, because this is by choice. But I still have this emptiness inside me at times. But I know that can only be fulfilled by God. That space is reserved for him. This is the side she doesn’t get to see, when I cry at night because I am alone. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes it does creep up on me. Agape love requires that you love despite how you feel, despite what is done to you and despite whether it is returned. This is how God loves us and how he expects us to love each other. Now this is only one part of love, but it is a foundational love that should exist in all of your intimate relationships.

I never regret loving anyone even when they hurt or disappoint me. It is easy to get angry and say goodbye but harder to say I love you when you are in the midst of the disappointment. I had to do that many times. I am not dismissing my feelings of disappointment. I am simply deciding not to allow them to override the love in my heart. Love is a choice we make every day. I choose to love rather than be angry or sad.