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The Story of Us – We Go Deeper

Dear Heart,

We go deeper still!! But not physically. Emotionally, intimately, and purposefully united. We opened ourselves to the other. We didn’t talk much before, we unspokenly expressed what was inside our hearts. It consumed us most of the time and we failed to properly communicate what really needed to be said. This climaxed into a situation that resulted in a brief separation of our hearts, which told us much more than we were ready to deal with. We go much deeper.

I spent time trying to avoid the space that I am in at present. I wasn’t ready to be entangled with another’s heart. But God had other ideas of course. Some that already has me questioning whether Karma is kicking my ass again. Especially, after I ran into the very first one, who entangled my heart, at the mall. Blew me back 28 years when I first encountered him and his heart. It was still there in that moment. We instinctively touched each other inside and out. But he left my heart many years ago and I wasn’t trying to get back here so soon.

But as I lay here in the same space with my beloved, angry and loving him. We avoid the space that sits between us. It is uncomfortable but neither of us wants to budge. I am so angry that I want to leave right now in the middle of the night and make him wonder where I had gone and why. But my heart will not allow me to move.

Instead we speak to each other through music. The shell is threatening to harden over his spot. But God is speaking at that moment through an angelic song that whispers into my soul, “Let him love you” “Let him love you”, continuously until the hardness ceases. I allow him to love me.

This morning, he greets me with his touch. He wants to cuddle. I given in for a minute but I then I pull away, in pain. No, real physical pain. It has been there for two days. Now it is hitting me again. He touches me and guides my hands to his face. I touch him and move my fingers purposely around his face, his head, his neck, and his shoulders. I feel his energy come inside me and my pain begins to dissipate. I feel his love through our skin. Our hearts melt right before us, then we talk. Really talk about what happened. There are no excuses given, only the acknowledgement followed up with an unspoken promise of never again.

A defining moment for us because it is just us together, quiet, stillness, no television, no music, just our hearts, and the breath that draws between us. Peace is her name and she visits us often. He tickled me with his tongue, twirled it around my armpits, my neck, and back again until I laughed uncontrollably and loved every second of it. I left his presence floating like a queen who had been fully loved and admired by her beloved. He rescues me each time from the hardening from the closure of my heart by loving me intently and deliberately.


The Story of Us – God’s Disturbance

Dear Heart,

God disturbed us for a reason. He promised not to leave us nor forsake us but he never promised to make us comfortable. We are uncomfortable for a reason. God will sometimes use situations to build us.

The truth is that I love him and that’s all. It’s not about sex or what we can give each other. I love him enough to leave him and allow him to grow. I love him enough to stand by him even when he pushes me away. I love him enough to be his place of refuge when the world beats down on him. I love him enough to see things through his eyes so I can try to understand his perspective.

Our connection is strong and it shifts our focus from outward pursuits to the pursuits of us. Perhaps that’s what God intended because we both are super focused now. Performing at a level that anyone would be envious of. But we are also fuel for each other. Love fuels us.

I know he loves me that’s why it’s hard to walk away. He never had to say it because he always made his love obvious. That ‘s what I desire now. For the first time in my life, heart, I desire love, not lust. I thought I loved another in a similar way but now I question that. The world looks different to me now. I feel like a flower that has just began to grow and is ready for pollination. Everything is alert.

I never regret loving because it has made me a better woman and taught me how to appreciate a man. I would not know this unless I was paying attention. Because I didn’t always pay attention, when I was seeking the other L. But as I also see my growth as a blooming flower. I now know how to stop having sex. I know how to stop prolonging relationships that should end.  I know how to cut off communication that my be distracting but I don’t know how to stop loving him nor do I want to.

But love hurts and love is uncomfortable, makes us react uncharacteristically. As a result, we run from love, we hide our hearts and pretend that what we feel is on the surface. But we should just allow the love to flow freely instead of trying to stifle it. Let the pollen infiltrate our system so that we can grow into a beautiful bouquet.

God loves us in a similar way, allowing us free will to stumble, to find our way, and to accept him. But when we do he showers us with his pollen and we flourish. We bloom into new creations that are bursting with more of his love to share with the world. Love becomes contagious and God has had his way.

Happy Anniversary Fedora

Lovers, friends and followers:

Today is the two-year anniversary of Fedora Loves Poetry. I cannot believe that it has been two years, 24 months of sharing love with those who live as passionately as I do. We reached 500 likes in two years!!! Thank you to all who made reaching 500 likes a reality.

As a treat for my most beloved readers I have two things for you:

  • Calor ButterCalor Butter An Erotic SeriesFind out what happens in this steamy love triangle. Who wins and gains 100% of her heart? Find out in my book, coming in spring 2017. I will wrap this story up and present a few more twists for our girl and her lovers. Guaranteed to be Rojo Caliente!
  • His Love for Us by FedoraThe Story of Us – This is her story, their story, his story and God’s story. It is all of them in one. Their story told through personal conversations with her heart. She allows you inside her intimate thoughts to see the vulnerabilities of her heart and how they propose challenges, pain, happiness, fulfillment, obedience, disappointment, and joy. Not your typical erotic fiction but more of a passionate blend between love and erotica, straight from the heart of a woman who never knew love.

The Story of Us is my new erotic fiction blog series. I want my lovers to know that I really appreciate the love and attention you bring to the site. Please visit again and again.

Fedora loves you! Peace


The Story of Us – He Shares His Heart

Lovers, here is an excerpt from my new series “The Story of Us” an enticing love story between two unlikely hearts who share a similar journey. This story will not be shared via the blog, but will be published in an e-book. Look for the complete story soon….” Fedora Loves You. Peace

Dear Heart,

He came today bearing seeds in his heart. I am not prepared for what he presents to me. But here he is anyway with his bright eyes and his warm lips. He touches my heart so deeply.

“Making love to you is the ultimate of pleasure
Every time we kiss I get more than I miss loving you
Can’t afford to lose your love, it’s like losing a treasure
The price is never too high I’ll be with you til I die, girl it’s true

Oh you make my life complete and I’m so happy
And I’m glad to be with you
Oh you make my life complete
And I’m so happy and I’m glad to be with you”

The song blared from his phone. It is so sweet, it is so…. OMG! What is he saying? Why is he playing this for me? Is this how he feels?

This is the day I know he is falling in love. Yep, there is no mistaking it. What do I do? Do I cut this off or keep it going? What do I do with this young handsome loving man who wants me? God, I don’t know, let him love me. He looks at me in such a way that makes me blush. Makes me feel some type of way, much like a girl many  years younger.

I should just walk away and allow him to move on. But his eyes say much more than the words of this song he has played for me. Me, the one who has always doubted herself, her beauty, thought she was unlovable indeed. Now has this attention, no not just attention, real genuine love coming from such a lovely handsome man. He is many years my junior surely this is a lopsided situation.

But he does not stop. He keeps coming. He keeps loving. He does not go anywhere. He asks such questions like, “What would it take for you to allow a MAN back in.” With emphasis on a man. He wants to take care of me. Yes, I have been on my own for so long had to learn how to make things works without a man, without anyone, because there was no one. If I didn’t, then it didn’t happen. Nothing to be sad or mad about, it is just what it was. Flattered I allowed him to keep loving me. Perhaps because I needed this love more than I knew.

So, what do I do when he kisses me all the way up my arm and tells me how beautiful I am? I accept it. That’s what I do. Whether right or wrong, at this moment it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that love is being transmitted and it is speaking loud and clear. Today she has found her voice.

He closes the door and kisses my lips. Taking me in his arms he dances with me around the room. Making me feel like I am Cinderella for a moment. His hands slip into places they are familiar with. His touch sparks the energy between us and he lays me on the bed. His lips find their way to my nipples and soft caresses turn into a flame. He plays another song for me:

“How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
I’m an orange moon
I’m brighter than before
Brighter than ever before
I’m an orange moon and I shine so bright
’cause I reflect the light of my sun
I praise the day, he turned my way
And smiled at me”

As the song plays, so does he. He finds his way to my spot. He is on top of me, those eyes speaking so much more than the song. As he enters me, I feel myself singing the chorus of this new song..

How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is

I’m an orange moon
I’m brighter than before

How good it feels too. He slowly strokes me, the head of his dick kissing each part of my pussy with all his tenderness. I am lost for a moment in his love. In his capture of my body. All I can think about as my body starts to orgasm is “How good it is, how good he is.” I wrap my legs around his waist and welcome him inside my bosom, inside my secret place. I allow him to touch my vulnerable spot. Inside and out he loves me so tenderly.