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Destiny Love

He loves me so intensely
Makes my body shake
My legs quiver
My lips shiver

From the moment
He enters me
The world disappears
We float on our own
Suspended above the elements

We stay there until
Every drop of passion
Drop of heat
Drop of love
Escapes through
Our bodies
And melts into
Each other

We absorb
The best of each other
Then deposit
It right back

Causing one another
To propel
Forward into a new
Awaiting the
Steps toward
To reveal themselves

We take it
Seal it in our
Every piece
Our love
Into a priceless
Rare artifact
To be discovered
Again and again



Sacred is the seed
That nourishes the world
That impregnates the thoughts
Deeds, soul, and emotions
Of its intended one

The bond is deep
The sensation is real
The power indestructible
When coupled with
The love and passion
From one whose
Heart is pure
Whose intentions uplift
Endear and take care

The life-giving force
That it brings to the universe
Populates the earth
Stimulates the masses
Into existence

The same seed misused
Brings destruction, abuse
Sadness, anger, heartbreak
To those who
Give and receive
Based on the lust
The need to fulfill
One’s selfish gut

The power is diminished
The world turns black
And life as it was given
Is never taken back

So take heed my man
Be the one with a plan
Understand the power
That lies within
Use yours to bring life
To keep the universe in sync
Give love every day
In every way
So we can continue the link


I want to be yours
If only for a while
I want to feel the love
That emanates from your heart
Into my universe, my space, and
Inside me

The passion that takes my breath
Makes me surrender
To the strength of your manliness
That fills me
Comforts me

When you hug me
In your tight embrace
I feel your protection
I feel your passion
I feel you lift me inside of you
Taking all of me to be yours

I wanted to be yours
The first time you kissed me
When you looked me in my eyes
With that look
That said so much

I wanted to be yours
When you opened yourself to me
You took hold of me that day
You loved me intimately
You made love to me like I was yours