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Intimacy and Spiritual Communion


I would like to share a quote from a book I am reading called Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path by Alan Seale.

In your current times, too often you first assume that a particular relationship can or should be sexual. My dear one, very few relationships have as their true highest intention a sexual component. Sexual Union is the highest form of communication between two beings. However, in making your fast assumptions, you make it one of the lowest forms. Sexual Union is communion of spirit. It is the highest and most profound coming together.”

This quote touched me deep within my soul. I spent most of my adult life doing just the opposite. I rushed into sexual relationships like they were nothing, which in turn really made them nothing but sex. I longed to experience more than sex with my partner, my true soul mate. To hear described in such a sacred way makes it such a special encounter. An enlightened form of love making. Clearly something that is not experienced with just anyone.


Just some of my thoughts…

Unravel me


Let me share with you why I am sharing this song. As you know certain songs speak to my spirit, this is one of them. I am entering a phase where I am guarding myself sexually. Often we give ourselves to those who disregard the importance and meaning of sexual love.

There are times when one should abstain in order to bring balance and harmony back to your spirit. This is important because as we connect with our mates sexually we also take in their spirit. We become entangled in their battles, agendas, love, glory etc. Now this is okay when that is your intention. You both have decided to become life partners this is exactly what you want.

But if that is not your plan, then entangling yourself in this way disturbs the natural order of your life and goals. So at this point I am finally refocused on my purpose and I do have those who are attempting unravel me.

Lovers it is not easy because once the door to desire has been opened you can’t close it. All you can do is attempt to keep the fire as low as possible. I have successfully abstained for about five years previously. But this time it’s harder. But I intend to stand my ground!

I know you’re trying but you’ll never unravel me!!!!

Fedora Loves you. Peace.

Unravel Me by Sabrina Claudio

Something in the sun or the air
Is making me wanna run away from here
I know that you want me to stay with you, but no
So I’ll keep on making excuses about the sun, the earth, the rays
Our days are numbered, wired and I’m tired of it
I know you’re trying
But you’ll never unravel me
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
It’s something about the season that we’re in
That’s making me think that we’re not supposed to do this
I know that you’re trying to understand
But you can’t
‘Cause I keep on making excuses ’bout the fall, the rise
And how my mind is ruptured, wired and I’m tired of it
I know you’re trying
But you’ll never unravel me
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Songwriters: Ajay Bhattacharyya / Daniel Schnair / Sabrina Claudio
Unravel Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Sometimes We Die a Little

Our hearts cause us
To make decisions that
Bring us joy

While our mind
Tells us to stop
Because it thinks
It needs more

The simple things
Are enough
To satisfy

But the masses
Keep saying
You need
To multiply
To diversify

Our lives spiral
Out of control
Not because we lie
But because
We choose to die

When we make choices
That reflect the world
Choosing not to live
According to His word

We forget
That we are humans
Flawed from within

Failing to realize
With God
We will always win

Fear of Love

I love you in a way
That makes me so vulnerable
I feel too much
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know how to stop it

I want to walk away
Forget you
But my heart
Won’t allow it
Even when I am not angry anymore
I still want to love you

I have to confess
I am so scared of us
Scared to love you
Scared not to love you

The whirlwind of love
Drives me crazy
Makes me want to escape
This emotional war
Raging in my heart

So I turn to the
Heat of the place
Which takes me away
Despite the fact
They never satisfy my ways

But I know that he
Loves many
So differently
In the same ways
That make
Them want to stay

Another thing
That makes me crash
Close my heart
Pray it never starts
To love another again

Our future
Flashes before me
Smiling I see
You loving me

But the world
Shines its light
On our differences
Making me fly
For fear that love
Will make me disappear

I close my heart
My voice
My words away
Hiding my truth

That my biggest fear is
Spending the rest of my life
Without your love
After waiting
So long to find you

Picture by Blacky91