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My Black Man

My Black Man

Didn’t you know

You were a King

Not in the hood

But you had your

Own country

They stole your crown

They stole your seed

They stole your woman

They stole you heritage

My Black Man

When will you stand

Show them who you are

You are not the coward

They beat you into

You are strong and mighty

Like the Black Panther

They taught you to turn

Your back on your seed

The seed you can’t

Stand to look at

Because in him all you see

Is the failure

They taught you to be

Rise up Black Man

Don’t you know

You are a King

You created systems

Languages and dynasties

That they envied

Claim your heritage

Teach your sons

To be future Kings

Your daughters to be Queens

Stop allowing the enemy

To steal what we

Are destined to be


Words Hurt


His words cut me
Made me see
That the line
Is sometimes fine

I took my cuts
Used them as seeds
To help me grow
Fueling the need
To show
My Daddy
That I am still
His lovingly
Submissive goddess

I confess that
At times I worried
That Daddy had
Forgotten about me
As I craved his
Love care and attention

But never would I
Dare to purposely
Insult him
Because I love
And respect him
too much