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Forever by The Floacist featuring Musiq Soulchild


I am so happy to see The Floacist still doing her thing. I am the biggest Floetry fan. I bet you can guess why. Their style combined my love of music and poetry together. Priceless!!!


How are you doing,

Some don’t understand
How could they understand?
They don’t believe in love so
Why would they believe in us?

When everything changed
I had you
When my life was rearranged
I had you
When I hit rock bottom babe
I had you
When I thought I’d been forgotten babe
I had you
When I faced all my fears
I had you
When I thought nobody cared
I had you
And that’s why

Whatever you want from me
You know you got it
Whatever you need baby
You’re gonna get it
You got me forever
You got me forever

In so many ways baby
You’ve helped me, to grow
There are so many things love
You’ve helped me to know
If we did it all again baby
I’d choose you
Cause there is no end
We’re never through
And that’s why

Whatever you want from me
You know you got it
Whatever you need baby
You’re gonna get it
You got me forever
You got me forever

I can feel you in my soul
Your love it always shows
I can feel you in my heart
You’ll never let me down
Together we’ll grow up
Higher and higher
This lifetime is not the first lifetime
This lifetime is not the last lifetime
I’ll never let you down
This is a real love
A true love
And that’s why

Whatever you want from me
You know you got it
Whatever you need baby
You’re gonna get it
You got me forever
You got me forever

Whatever you want from me
You know you got it
Whatever you need baby
You’re gonna get it
You got me forever
You got me forever

Written by Michelle Sanders, Jim Stewart • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management US, LLC


Is Love Real?


I know that I have been quiet for a while. This year has started off with a blast. It’s buzzing with newness. I haven’t been faithful to you. So I owe you all some good words on loving.

I want to talk about the unspoken language of love. Some believe that love announces itself loudly or boastfully but in reality she is quiet and demure. Always a lady and ready to serve her beloved.

Okay I know I am being poetic but that is not my intention right now. The unspoken language of love is not about what we say to each other to express our love. It’s more about the heart and spirit connection. My favorite movie is “The Notebook” and yes I have mentioned it before. I don’t just love it because it’s a mushy love story. But the main reason is that is displays the power of unspoken love.

The couple in the movie stayed connected despite the fact that her mind did not know him anymore. Her heart and spirit was naturally drawn to him. I always believed this concept to be true, that your heart and spirit would know the one your heart yearns to be with.

The only thing is that I have only seen it in the movies and never knew anyone who had experienced a love like this. Well that ended last week. I had a conversation with a mature female associate who shared her experience with her late husband, who had Alzheimer’s. She told me that one day he came home and didn’t know who she was anymore, yet he stayed with her daily and allowed her to take care of him. I asked her why?

She stated that he stayed because he knew her spirit. In “The Notebook” that is also why Allie responded to Noah although her mind didn’t know him. Yet she allowed him to read to her and spend time with her.

She stated that she had a moment when he came back to her for a few moments, he called her name several times. Then he was gone just as quickly. Just like in “The Notebook.” Only her husband died peacefully alone at their home.

But I have never heard anyone be so joyful after being widowed. As she celebrated the grandness of her marriage, she never doubted his love for her, even after he has been gone for over three years. She also said that their strength was in their shared love for God, so the spiritual really connected them deeper. It warmed my heart to hear her story and to know that loving this way was real.

I sat in my car wondering why God had allowed me to hear this story. What did he want me to glean from her story. The joy of loving and being loved. That even hard times, illness, and death cannot diminish it especially when God is at the core. I felt blessed and honored. But I also realized that joy comes with its own ups and downs. But she never said one thing about the downs.

Her heart rejoiced from the joy they brought into each other’s life. Up until this conversation I had only heard horror stories of marriages including those in my family. But I always knew there was another side, a good, and loving side. I knew for sure that someone has been successfully and fully loved.

I guess I needed this because I just turned 50 and it has taken too many years for me to experience or witness this love. But today my heart is full of joy to as I experience the quiet, demure love that God has confirmed is real.

Fedora Loves You. Peace


We Exist to Love

Brings so much
Into our
Of our hearts

We come into
Focus bringing
A force that
Pushes us towards
Our destiny

But we don’t presume
To know or
Understand the forces
That work between us

We simply exist
Exist to love
The other unconditionally
Completely and unselfishly
Giving back to each other
What we
So graciously receive

Depths of My Love

I love you
More than you could know
More than you can write
More than the words you could define

My world comes into focus
Just from your word
Just from your voice
The merry go round slows slows
Until I can  finally see your face
I can see things again
Its not blurry anymore
Things are clear the color is vivid

You bring that with your spirit
That envelopes mine
Shields me protects my heart
My words
My creativity

You are what I need
What I crave
What’s missing
In this crazy mixed up existence
That is my life