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Moving On…

Moving on…

Just some of my thoughts on Moving on...
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Who said that moving on was easy to do? How do you know you are really done with a person? Do you feel that pull that guides you apart? I am not sure how you know when its time to move on. I mean at least not in a sense when there is no obvious trauma caused by the relationship. I would know the writing was on the wall with a man who hit me, called me out of my name, and dissed me every chance he got.

But not so easy to detect with someone who kisses you so tenderly and always wants to feel your touch. Up until the last moment you saw him, he’s glued to you. So where is that cue that its time to take your leave of each other? It was unspoken in the scheme of things that were created. It was always there but hiding deep inside that part we kept pushing away. Just a little longer, just a little more us.

Passion Burns

I woke this morning
Thinking of you
Our last encounter
Your smile
Our passion
My submission
Our hearts

We spoke about
The things that
Excited our minds
We watched how
The other responded
We connected

I touched your skin
Felt it’s warmth
The spark turned
Into a fire
That led you
Our destination

Once there
You caressed
The soft part
Of my arse

As you began
Your quest
To please
To satisfy
To gratify
The passion
That burns inside us