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That’s Why

I miss the touch
The warmth of him
The one who loves me so intently
The way he feels against my skin
Makes me feel so right within
My deepest parts
That no one sees
Because he is the only one
With the keys
To unlock
Those inner thoughts, feelings and desires

That’s why I miss him
Mostly at night
When all the things inside
Decide to take flight
He calms me
He soothes me
Takes me where
I need to be
Never will another be
As close as he is to me


I Carry You Always

My love
I carry you always
Inside my innermost
Parts, thoughts,  words
You are a culmination
Of my desires, my needs, my wants
And my will

I see you always In my visions
My dreams
My spirituality

I hear you always
Speak to me
Through our words
The music that transports
Me into your arms and
You into mine

I feel your touch always
Upon my skin
Softly caressing me
From within
The passion kindled when
We are intimate
Close and engrossed in each other

I carry you always
In my eyes
In my ears
On my skin In my heart
We’ll never part
My love