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Love Desires Balance

My heart wants to embrace him
But my mind says wait
My heart misses his kiss
My mind says keep the distance

He slowly infiltrates me
Causing my heart to desire his love
My mind cautions me to wait
But each day it grows more

The love that is not being fed
The touch that is not being delivered
The desire that is not being acknowledged
Our hearts missing each other

We complement each other
We love unconditionally
Yet we linger like this
Not allowing loves light to shine

When will the mind, body, and soul
Be in sync between us
So our love will flow freely
Not stifled by imbalance


Depths of My Love

I love you
More than you could know
More than you can write
More than the words you could define

My world comes into focus
Just from your word
Just from your voice
The merry go round slows slows
Until I can  finally see your face
I can see things again
Its not blurry anymore
Things are clear the color is vivid

You bring that with your spirit
That envelopes mine
Shields me protects my heart
My words
My creativity

You are what I need
What I crave
What’s missing
In this crazy mixed up existence
That is my life

An Erotic Moment of Love

Her eye catches his as he takes her in, drinking all her chocolate milk in one swallow. He doesn’t look away when she catches him. Instead he steadies his gaze upon her eyes, speaking to her. She knows exactly what he is saying to her.

“Beautiful, I want to see you in all of your naturalness. Want to feel your softness.” His eyes spoke to her.

She didn’t drop her gaze. She used her right hand to push the spaghetti strap down her left arm. Pulling her arm out of the silky cami and setting her left breast free. His eyes shift from hers to the nipple that salutes him. She meets his eyes again but this time she speaks to him.

“Baby, taste how sweet your chocolate is. It’s hot and melting.” Her eyes responded.

He stands, walks over to the couch where she anxiously waits for his touch. He kneels in front of her, never losing her gaze. He lightly kisses her lips. His lips trace down to her left cheek, down to her chin, he stops momentarily while his tongue caresses her skin so lightly. She closes her eyes and takes it all in. Savoring the moment, his touch, his warmth, his power.

His tongue continues to travel down to her neck, pausing to pucker while she becomes his sucker for a few minutes. He sucks her neck allowing his tongue to circle the eye of his storm. She gasps, but doesn’t dare move. She knows there is much more to come. His wet warm tongue causes her to tingle in places it hasn’t touched yet.

He looks up at her face and takes her eyes in once more. Then she feels it. The warmth and wetness of his tongue on the tip of her nipple. She shivers as an orgasm flashes through her loins. She tries to compose herself but is calmed by the touch of his hand in the small of her back. He gently supports her as he goes in deeper for more.

In the next moment, her entire nipple disappears inside his mouth. Then he bites down hard. She winces and shakes as a violent orgasm hits her. She uses the cushion to brace herself as he bites harder. Never taking his eyes off her face. She sees his eyes looking up at her while he lays in her lap nursing her nipple. She feels his tongue again. Takes a moment to compose herself and then another wave hits again as he bites into her nipple once more. He gauges her response to know how much harder to bite. He is looking for a certain response.

She tries to lay back but his hand keeps her upright, not allowing her to escape his grip. She shivers and her breathing becomes shallow as she attempts to handle the gripping sensations running through her body at this moment. She feels the gush of liquid release between her legs and realizes that she has cum. He knows she has too but he is not finished.

He releases the left nipple and moves toward the right nipple. It stands erect through the cami. He licks the tip of the right nipple through the silky material, leaving a wet spot. She watches him intently ignite her body. She loves everything he does to her. She loves how he loves her. How he touches her to become a part of her, not to play. This is serious for him. This is how he gives his love to her.

His eyes speak to her again.

“I love you beautiful.” They say to her.
“I love you too baby.” Her eyes respond.

How Could I

Do they know
How my heart aches for you
How my mind says no
But my heart overrides each time
As it searches for your eyes

I heard them talking
How could I…
How could I…
I thought that too
How could I…
But here I am
What do I say

Nothing I guess
I keep loving him
Despite the conversation I hear
How could I…
I ask myself as I consider
What to say

I say that I am caught
Caught in this moment
That I don’t quite know
This moment
That has me asking
How could I…

How could I…
Love him as I do
Knowing what I know
How could I…
Allow our hearts to collide

He loves me
I love him
That explains it all
The How could I…
Was never meant to
Grow into this
This crash where
Our hearts collide