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Just Some of My Thoughts…. Return to Love

Return to Love…

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018I have been quiet for a while because Fedora has been on her journey. Her journey of growth and freedom. I have learned much about myself and how loving myself before others helps to maintain your personal freedom. It becomes a part of you that no one can take.

A select few may be able to touch her there but cannot take HER away. To maintain a healthy love relationship, you must include time for self. Giving all of ourselves in any relationship depletes your soul. Self is your soul, your inner man, your third eye. If you deplete it, you begin to die. Love begins within self. A healthy love for self will allow you to love another in a healthy way.

Infinite Love Intertwines the Souls by FedoraI have returned to love after working on self. I am loving HIM again. It has brought out some wounds. I know that you want me to tell you that love in its self is perfect. But it is not, love has a negative side as well that allows pain. If you love another within your heart and soul, you will experience pain. Yours and theirs because you are infinitely connected, like the infinity symbol.

But this time I am facing what is being seen and accepted. Growing in love means being able to stand in the mirror. To understand that to get the best of someone’s heart and soul requires giving the best of self.  This requires that you face things when they show up, do not excuse the behavior, accept the truth about why it exists, and then release it.

Once you release it, do not pick it back up. It’s done. Learn how to grow from it not be stuck in it. You don’t want to be self-rooted in anything that will keep you from growing. As long as you can see your growth, your know you are living. When you are glowing and growing, then you know you are loving.

Returning to love has been scary for me, but it is showing me my true self. It shows me that I am tough, I am soft, I am peace, I am fire, I am confident, I am fearful, and I am grounded spiritually. I can finally use what I have learned to love openly, wisely and truly.

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry


Just Some of My Thoughts on His Creation

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018He created me for this moment. For this season. To be who I am right now. To do the very thing I am doing at this moment. Writing this to you. To tell you how much I appreciate how I was created.

When God created woman, he took his time. He knew that she was made of delicate material, so he handled her with care. He cultivated his creation admiring his work as he proceeded. Once he was satisfied with her excellence he sealed it with his breath of life.

She lives, she breathes, HIS CREATION. Prepared for a moment like this. My life is bringing so many new turns and some unfamiliar territories that are daunting but He created me for that too. He already poured His spirit into my being. I forever live in his love, his power, his admiration of HIS CREATION.

There is no other place to be standing at this point in the journey. Realization!!!

I was created for this!!!

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry

Afraid by Xavier Omar

Losing love, unrequited
Was it truly love? undecided
Hard times, I’m broken
Past lies, they leave you open
I try, I’m hopeless
At night, no way of coping
With this shredded heart
Can I get reparations for the pain?
Baby I’m afraid
Really I’m afraid

Of giving you what they all messed up
My stress up
Took them pictures and I dressed up
Looking blessed up
You need something and I got you
I spot you
Til i see your love is not true
It’s not true
And I’m scared of what that feels like
Looking stupid out in real life
Baby I’m Afraid
Really I’m Afraid

Of loving you
(I’m so afraid to love you)
With all my heart, my time
(I’m so afraid of hurting again)
Baby I’m afraid
(I’m so afraid to love you)
Really I’m afraid
(I’m so afraid of hurting again)

[Verse 2]

God has not given us the spirit of fear
But the spirit of love looking like it’s not here
I don’t doubt your heart, I just know things change
It just leads to pain, I still bleed the same

I still say I’m fine, but I leave my brain
Dont’ wanna think no more, I can’t defeat my shame
Don’t wanna play no more, I can’t defeat this game
But that phone still rings, can’t delete your name

‘cuz you give to me
Everything I pray for, every single day for
Listen to me, honestly
You don’t have to wait for me to feel I’m safe or
That I’m ready this time
I want no one else, not “too” focused on myself
It’s just baby I’m afraid
Really I’m afraid

Of loving you
(I’m so afraid to love you)
With all my heart, my time
(I’m so afraid of hurting again)
Baby I’m afraid
(I’m so afraid to love you)
Really I’m afraid
(I’m so afraid of hurting again)

Honestly featuring Avery Sunshine by Boney James

Honestly I don’t need any promises, I just need you. That’s what she sings in this beautiful jazz ballad. I love anything by Avery Sunshine but this song touched my heart because of the simplicity of the meaning.

“Hard for Me” Leela James


My topic is making love hard. What I mean is that not every one can embrace love, thus making it hard for them to receive and give love. It doesn’t mean they don’t feel the love but usually there is some block from a past hurt that keeps them from fully loving and being loved.

This song reminds me of such a relationship. I like Leela’s approach because she’s not being pushy but lovingly stern about how much she will endure for love. Awesome song. Enjoy!!

Fedora loves you. Peace