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Never stop believing in Love

​Never stop believing in love.No matter how down we can get a loving smile will pull you to the top of the hill. It’s just that powerful. It rules your heart and your brain making it feel like a rubber band bouncing back and forth. But it never pops never breaks because love stretches to accommodate a multitude of valleys rivers and mountains. It’s all knowing guiding and leading towards it’s destiny. Love is life and life is nothing without love.


Nature of Us

His Love for Us by Fedora
US by AquaSixio

His words speak LIFE
Igniting my passion
He departs wisdom
Which leads the way
Towards destiny

His lips find my hands
His eyes watch me sleep
While his kisses fall lightly on my skin
In my sleep

He cares for me
Ensuring all my needs are met
When I am in his presence
His face lights up
His world lifts
He carries the  weight effortlessly

He shares his world
He shares his passion
He shares his heart
Despite the pain
Which is not easily erased

He loves
He gives
The best parts he has
Just to show
The true nature of Us

Just some of my thoughts on…Life

Photo by Anna Lavender @discoverglobe

This life is not easy to navigate. I made a decision that I would only share the uplifting things on my blog. But the truth  is I am not always uplifted. Sometimes I get a little down. Doesn’t mean I don’t continue to love. I do. I always love.

I remembered one of my best friends today, whom I loved dearly, as I read our last text conversation. She was a phenomenal spirit who is truly missed. She died in March of a massive heart attack at 40 years old.

Many would struggle to understand why God took such a vibrant young soul home so early. She was not overweight did not have a chronic illness just stressed too much. Stress killed her because she constantly worried about things she could not change. Don’t get stuck on a path and refuse to make a turn because it could lead to a dead end.

Fedora loves you. Peace