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Tina Turner “Love at First Sight”

As I watched the video, I was impressed. Tina Turner looks great! Oh what peace does for you. She is in love too. With a man 16 years younger than she. You know for us here at Fedora Loves Poetry that is great!

Tina is an inspiration to many. She found her way back from such a dark journey and delighted in herself first. She built a life for herself and shared her heart with another. But it begins with loving yourself and realizing that you are worthy of much more in this life.

How the soul lifts when one is free!

Fedora loves you. Peace




Man’s Heart

A man’s heart
Runs deep
Deep into the
Rivers of his world

With roots tied
To all that he is
His pain
His struggle
His image
His manhood

Everything touches
That place
The place that holds
All of his secrets
Secrets that only
Few know

He carries his load
Like it’s been with
Him always
His strength shows
In his arms

Bulging veins
Pulsing the blood
Giving him the fuel
To lift his head
One more day

His weight is not always
Seen by the naked eye
He covers it so well
The world sees the man
In full control

Only his woman
The one who shares
His seed, his blood
Sees his vulnerabilities
For he trusts her
With his life

The man who pours
Himself out to his
Anxious to give them
What he didn’t get
To protect them
From the attacks of
The world
The predators who
See to devour them

But he knows how
To humble himself
Before the Lord
Whom he recognizes
As the head of his life

He regroups
Refills his soul
Ready to keep going
To carry all
That God has put
In his charge
Under his dominion

Love Sat King Upon the Floods


Love Sat King Upon the Floods

What do you do when love has you by the neck, pinned against the wall? Daring you to move. It taunts you with challenges. See the flaws this is what you love as well. Challenging you to continue to love despite the flaws.

Your heart tells you to love all of them, flaws and all. You grit your teeth. You fight your heart because your mind says you’re crazy to keep going. But your mind doesn’t see all of them. Your mind only computes the rational things. Your mind doesn’t compute the warmth of their hand on your skin. The feel of their lips on yours. The comfort they bring when you are near them.

So the heart rules for the moment. The love dominates and keeps you going back. But the mind tells you to be careful because the road ahead is bumpy. Always is when you love another. Brace yourself for the ride. Know that you are committed for the long run. If not then the storms will blow you to and fro.

Despite the storms, the flaws, and the struggle his love is worth it. Loving unconditionally is never easy but He loves us that way. He created us and even when we disappointed Him he still loved us just as much as he did when we were born. Strive to love this way including God, yourself, your signifcant other, your children, your friends, and your family.

Fedora loves you. Peace.

Burning Glow

Ayla Diamond & @writer_rye

My heart deceives me
Doesn’t let me go
It keeps turning although
I try to escape the burning glow

I’m not successful
My heart surrenders
To the calls of him
That are so tender

So here we are
Snuggling in the snow
Ready for whatever
I don’t know

But on this Valentine’s
My heart led me here
To find his warmth
His heat
His love
That keeps me near

Fedora loves you. Peace.