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Heaven (Fix Things) by Jamie Grace

This song really blessed me today. Sometimes we struggle to find peace in our daily life because we are looking in the wrong place. I want to dedicate this song to my love, my quality man whom I will love forever. Peace has been staring you in the face for the past three years, all you have to do is reach out and grab it.

Love you guys!!!

Fedora Loves You!



Walk Away by Christina Aguilera

What do you do when you know something’s bad for you
And you still can’t let go?
I was naive
Your love was like candy
Artificially sweet
I was deceived by the wrapping
Got caught in your web
And I learned how to bleed
I was prey in your bed
And devoured completely
And it hurts my soul
Cause I can’t let go
All these walls are caving in
I can’t stop my suffering
I hate to show that I’ve lost control
‘Cause I, I keep going right back
To the one thing that I need to walk away from
I need to get away from ya
I need to walk away from ya
Get away, walk away, walk away
I should have known
I was used for amusement
Couldn’t see through the smoke
It was all an illusion

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Graceful Love


He’s the first thought
I have in the morning
The last thought
Right before I drift into sleep

His touch lingers
On my body
On my lips
On my …
Everywhere because he
Touches me there

He leaves behind his scent
His mark upon
My heart that sings
His song to me continuously

Where have you gone
My love
My handsome
Graceful dove

Your strength is what I seek
Your love is what I crave
Your protection is what I need
Your heart is what I have