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I already miss
The kiss
We shared

I already know
We love
We care

I already feel
The warmth
Our touch

I already love
You infinitely
Within me


Just Some of My Thoughts on…. Did I Make You This Way

Did I make you this way…

Are we really responsible for the outcome of those we intertwine our lives with? Yes, you blend your life with them. You share intimate parts and you build. But what happens when it all shatters?

Fingers begin pointing. Mostly outward towards the other person. You made me this way. You… You… You… How many of us look inside to own our part in the situation. In reality that person was not in the relationship alone so in reality how can they bear all the blame.

When we are hurt, that is what the anger and pain do. They blame apparent source of that pain. If you had not left… If you had not hit me… If you had not cheated… It can go on and on. But what did you do to contribute to them leaving? Didn’t you see the warning signs in their behavior?

At times we will put on blinders to the truth simply for the sake of relationship. We don’t want to be a failure again. I don’t want to leave a broken home. It’s not as bad as it seems. He won’t do it again.

In reality they will do it again unless they have a change in their heart. But their change has little to do with you change. If you find yourself in a pattern. You attract similar or pick similar mates then end up at the same point. Unfulfilled, angry, lonely and empty inside. So, of course we blame them. Why can’t I find someone who will….

The common denominator in each of these scenarios or relationships is YOU! So why do YOU keep pointing your finger outward? When will you finally see the reflection in the mirror that has been in your face? Guess where to start in understanding why you are here yet again?

You start with yourself. Examine why you entered each relationship. What did you really give in each of those relationships that was worthy of love, of honor? What did you give that contributed to the already existing pain of yourself or others?

Hard questions but I guarantee if you look in the mirror you will begin to see your truth and start to find your answers. You will really find out who made you this way.

“This Way” by Khalid & H.E.R.

You say I’m trippin’, bullshit
You’re the one to make me do shit
You’re the one to make me feel it
The feeling of stupid
I was in your corner
When you were putting me through shit
Now you wanna leave
No, you leaving me was foolish
You left me this scar on my heart
And I left you a brand new car
How nice of you, the price of true love
True love is absolute
So what more can I say?
You make me this way
What more can I say?
You make me this way
Yeah, all of these excuses
Say I’m the one that made you ruthless
But you’re the reason I’m crazy
And with you I feel useless
I let you have it
You took me for granted
Always wanna play the victim
When they don’t know the truth is
You left me this scar on my heart
When I’d never take it that far (oh)
Why would you say that it was true love
If true love is absolute, what more can I say?
What more can I say?
You make me this way
(You make me this way)
What more can I say?
(What can I say?)
You make me this way
I tried to stay the night
You won’t let me inside
Oh, you push me away
You’ll never change
Just another fight
Between you and your pride
Oh, what more can I say?
What more can I?
What more can I say? (Say)
You make me this way
You make me this way
What more can I say?
What more?
You make me this way (way)
Whoa, can’t lie
Songwriters: Gabriella Wilson / Khalid Donnel Robinson / Atilla Elci / Cam Lazar / Solomon Fagenson
This Way lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Just Some of My Thoughts on His Creation

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018He created me for this moment. For this season. To be who I am right now. To do the very thing I am doing at this moment. Writing this to you. To tell you how much I appreciate how I was created.

When God created woman, he took his time. He knew that she was made of delicate material, so he handled her with care. He cultivated his creation admiring his work as he proceeded. Once he was satisfied with her excellence he sealed it with his breath of life.

She lives, she breathes, HIS CREATION. Prepared for a moment like this. My life is bringing so many new turns and some unfamiliar territories that are daunting but He created me for that too. He already poured His spirit into my being. I forever live in his love, his power, his admiration of HIS CREATION.

There is no other place to be standing at this point in the journey. Realization!!!

I was created for this!!!

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry

I Was Created for This by Tweet

[Verse 1]
So many times I tried to run away
I couldn’t find rest cause there was no hiding place
And I heard a voice come up from deep within, say
This is who I am
I no longer can pretend

And I was created for this (created for this)
Oh, I was created for this (created for this)
And I, yeah (created for this)
I was created for this (created for this)

[Verse 2]
So different I know that I don’t feel it
But I’m chosen and I believe that’s what it is
He gave me a song for me to tell the story
And my life’s poured out only for your glory (glory, yeah)

I was created for this (created for this)
Ooh, I was created for this (created for this)
I was created for this (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,)
I was created for this (yeah)

[Verse 3]
I am persuaded
I’m gonna be all that you created me to be (be all)
I’m down in my mind, but least I’m here (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m gonna help someone along the way
Yeah, hey

Created for this
I was created for this
I was created for this
Ooh(da da da da da)
I was created for this
I was created