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Meeting in the Ladies Room

The room was packed. Everyone was there, the authors, the editors, and the publishers all in one room. She saw him enter the room. His presence commanded her attention and she wanted to go running to him. But he looked at her and nodded his head, fully reading her mind.

He knows her so well, knows that she will shut the world out for him. But tonight she had company, her friend was accompanying her and she knew that Daddy said in public events like this he was her editor. That is the relationship that they show the world. So she was obedient and waited anxiously for him to be close to her.

Eventually he came to the table. She averted her eyes so that James would not see the love in them. Only when she knew she could look at him did she look up.

He spoke, “Good evening Fedora how are you beautiful?”

She looked directly at him and responded, “Lovely Allen, thank you.”

Then added, “This is my friend James. James meet Allen my editor.”

They nodded at each other and shook hands. Clearly she was the center of attention. But she did not fidget nor was she nervous. She commanded both of their attention.

“Thank you for coming out to support us tonight.” Allen said.

“It is my pleasure da.. to support my fellow authors, they were there for me when my book was released.” She responded.

She thought to herself, “Damn I almost called him daddy. Got to get it together.”

She took a breath and continued turning towards James.

“You know my book took off and Allen was instrumental in my success.” she said.

“Yes, I can see that.” James replied.

“You know James shares our craft too.” She said to Allen.

“Really, that is great.” He replied.

“I must greet my other guests. It was nice to meet you and Fedora we will talk soon.”

He kissed her on her hand and was gone so quickly. Her heart was racing, and she felt the butterflies floating around in her stomach. Get it together Fedora, she said to herself.

“You seem close.” James said.

“Yes, we worked very closely when we were publishing the book.” She replied.

They sat there for a few minutes in silence watching the busyness of the room. James saw someone he knew and excused himself to talk to them.

Fedora went to the ladies room. James watched her from across the room. He was talking to the President of the publishing company but his eyes were fixed on her.

As soon as she reached the ladies room door, she felt him. He came behind her and guided her into the ladies room. She didn’t know if there was anyone in there but he blocked them in by holding her against the door.

“Hi Daddy.” She said looking directly into his eyes.

When she gazed into his eyes she could never hide what was inside. He had a way of pulling everything to the surface.

“Hello my goddess, you look delicious tonight.”

Then he put his hand between her legs, he played there until she released the honey that slowly dripped on his fingers. She just stood there waiting, listening, and wanting him to take her right there.

“You got him locked up.” He said.

He dug his fingers in deeper. She let out a sigh and her body responded in ripples.

“I know, Daddy taught me well.” She responded while lifting her leg to give him more access to her juicy lips.

“Make sure you give it to him good tonight.” He told her, while he stuck his thumb in her asshole. She whimpered and closed her eyes. They were silent for the longest moment. He took in the beauty of ecstasy on her face, as her body trembled from his touch. He took his fingers out and put them in her mouth. She licked all of the honey until there was none left.

“When you are with him tonight, straddle him, and think about Daddy.” He commanded.

“Give him the ride of his life, like you were riding Daddy baby.” He continued.

“Yes, Daddy anything to please you.” She replied.

He released her from the door and kissed her. As she turned to walk away he smacked her ass hard. She closed her eyes briefly and felt the honey ooze out of her wet pussy. Then she continued into the ladies room. He was gone as quickly as he came.


How Could I

Do they know
How my heart aches for you
How my mind says no
But my heart overrides each time
As it searches for your eyes

I heard them talking
How could I…
How could I…
I thought that too
How could I…
But here I am
What do I say

Nothing I guess
I keep loving him
Despite the conversation I hear
How could I…
I ask myself as I consider
What to say

I say that I am caught
Caught in this moment
That I don’t quite know
This moment
That has me asking
How could I…

How could I…
Love him as I do
Knowing what I know
How could I…
Allow our hearts to collide

He loves me
I love him
That explains it all
The How could I…
Was never meant to
Grow into this
This crash where
Our hearts collide

Erotic Soul

Erotic Soul by Fedora
Art by Carlos Schwabe

Lovemaking is a window
To the erotic soul
Encompassing the emotions
The desires
The passion
The needs of the beloved

Her erotic soul cried out
He answered swiftly
He dug deep
He penetrated the layers
Of lost moments
Lonely nights
Missed kisses
Longing touches

She tried to contain her response
But his love was so good
His manliness took control
Knowing it’s what she needed
What she craved
What she wanted
He kept pushing loving giving watching waiting
Until the ultimate release
Sprang forth

It happened
Her soul was set free
All those hidden things
Were now at the surface
She wore them for a few seconds
Then she said goodbye

As they streaked down her cheek
Each drop representing
A released piece of her erotic soul
Which slowly became whole again
Became open again

To experience
More pleasure
To receive more
Of his treasure
She was finally free

Calor Butter – Big D

Calor laid on his chest, while he stroked the back of her head so softly, recovering from his dominant love. As he held her she began to retrace the events in her mind.

Big D is a complex man and he commands attention everywhere he goes, not only because of his size but his demeanor as well. He is the type of man where his presence is felt as soon as he enters a room and when he leaves you knew you had an experience.

He is also a ladies man, standing 6’4″ his large stature attracts the women, big and small. His well groomed face and dark chocolate skin make him irresistibly tasty to the eyes. He is not a small man, at almost 300 lbs he is definitely seen. But he is a muscular man and his weight is evenly distributed. His best attribute is his big tatted arms, which he loves to display with beefy t-shirts. No suit and tie for Big D. Jeans, a wife beater and his leather is all he needs.

But his work is stressful and he does not tolerate stress in his intimate relationships, which is why he prefers submissives. Calor is not his first but she is his favorite and the one he has been with the longest. She was surprised at how quickly he captured her. They have a Daddy/Baby Girl relationship. He takes care of her very well. He usually sees her once or twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday. But it is Tuesday and she had not expected him to call, but she is always prepared for him.

“What’s up baby girl?” The strong voice asked through the phone.

“Waiting on you Big D.” She replied obediently.

“I’m on my way.” He said.

“Always ready. See you soon baby.” She replied and ended the call.

They were not that formal with names and he did not require her to call him sir or mister. Big D is what he wants to be called. But she is his baby girl. When the world seems scary, she looks to him as her daddy to make things better, and he always does.

She quickly begins to prepare for him. Within 15 minutes she has showered, oiled her body, and prepared the room. She always has certain things ready. Like candles, attire, toys, etc. She dressed in her dark purple corset, black thongs, her black 3-inch heels, and a black lace robe. She is ready for him.

As she continues looking at herself in the mirror, she hears a light tap on her front door. He always announces himself very quietly for such a tough dominant man. She opens the door and it begins instantly.

He takes one look at her and grabs her, allowing the door to close behind him. He pushes here against the wall and grips her left breast, while locking the door with his other hand. He squeezes her nipple hard until she squirms a little. But she doesn’t make a sound.

The wetness emerges quickly. Soaking through her thong.  He uses his other hand to explore the results of his actions then rips the thong off in one motion. He put his finger in her wetness and then thrusts two fingers inside her as hard as he can. She cums instantly, soaking his fingers and hand.

He is extra rough tonight.” She thought to herself.

But she doesn’t protest, she obediently offers her body for his pleasure. He pins her hands above her head in a tight grip. He uses his other hand to continue his exploration of her body. He pinches both of her nipples. The he pulls and twists them before placing one in his mouth. His tongue caresses the hard sore nipple, soothing away the pain. He sucks with the suction of a vacuum and engulfs half of her breast in his mouth. He continues sucking viciously. She releases a small gasp.

Cum begins oozing out of her but she holds her demeanor. Big D does not like her to cry out in pain, only ecstasy. So she holds it until the pain takes her into that place. He bites into her breast and the pain shoots through her. Then his tongue touches the nipple as his fingers stimulate her clit and she cries out in ecstasy. Finally the culmination of pain, stimulation, and him results in an orgasmic volcano. Her body shudders and shakes violently. He watches intently taking it all in. He is pleased. He releases her, and kisses her on the forehead.

“That’s my baby girl.” He says as he walks toward the room.

Photo from Ebony.com by André Chung