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Earned It by The Weeknd


10 principles for healthy 24/7 D/s and M/s

Le_Rêve_d'un_flagellant_by_George_TopferI read this piece for the first time last year. Re-reading has helped me further understand more about the foundation of a D/s relationship. I want to share it with my readers. Fedora loves you. Peace.

Sex Geek

I recently taught a workshop called “Doing it 24/7: The Basics of Everyday Dominance and Submission.” It was an interesting experience—essentially it showed me that there’s a strong interest in the topic that goes way beyond what can fit into a 90-minute time slot. I’m seriously thinking of developing a workshop series on the topic and offering it on a weekly basis in Toronto somewhere. In the meantime, I figured I’d post some of the basic stuff I started with.

First, let me frame this. I’m not drawing a distinction between 24/7 D/s and M/s, because I find that different people use the terms in overlapping ways. So rather than say what I think each one is, I’ll just say that I’m talking about relationships that involve a full-time power hierarchy. For me, that means relationships in which the two (or more) people involved always relate to one another from…

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Whips and Chains

Sir watched me squirm
Waiting to see
How long it would take
For me to say please

Sir circled my body
Taking me all in
The shine excited him
Made him want to
Smack my skin

The combination of
Sweat against
The glistening of the metal
Made for such a treat
And so much pleasure

The metal is cold
Against my skin
Keeping me bound
Desiring the touch
Of the whip
Again and again

Snaps the whip
Extended by the hand
It stings my body
How much more
Can I stand

I smell the scent
Of satisfaction
I can’t wait
To see what’s next

Snaps the second strike
This time it catches
Right across my arse

I stand at attention
Anxious to feel
The unexpected arousal
Coming next

His smile is wide
She is so satisfied
With his whip extended
And chains that have
Me bound

Bound to his heart
Bound to his soul
Not by the chains
But by his love