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Calor – Big D Back with a Passion

I don’t like how I feel.  I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I love myself too much to keep doing this. I need more. But Big D does caress and cuddle me but he does not give much in the way of commitment and consistent companionship. Once a week is the most time I get from him. He is married to his money and not even pussy will deter him from getting it.

I look at myself in the mirror once again. The hazel brown eyes stare back at me soaking in my beauty. I let out a huge sigh.

“This is not what I want.” I said to myself.

“But how do I get more time from Big D?” I say, thinking out loud.

But the bigger question was whether I wanted more time with Big D. We have been doing this same routine now for about three years. In a normal relationship, we would be discussing some type of commitment by now. But I need his dominance. I needed it more when we first met.

I was so lost when we met. I was in full control at work. As CFO, I could not appear weak to my male colleagues. Over the years I proved that I can hold my own in the board room. But my love relationships were another thing. I didn’t want to be in control in my love relationship. But finding someone who would accept me for who I was professionally and still able to embrace my softer side was quite a challenge. Most of the men I met were intimidated by my position and were not able to lead in the relationship because of that. Instead they wanted me to shrink down to accommodate their comfort level.

But Big D was different and he made his intentions clear from the start.

“Baby girl, I am not the type of man who settles down to one woman. If you please me, then I will make you my number one sub, but that is all.” He stated.

She looked at him. Realizing that she desired more she hesitated for a moment. But he had captured her so much in their first encounter that she could not bear the thought of not having more of him. He told me that he could only accept me if I willingly submitted to him. I knew that I wanted him, his protection and his ability to free me sexually. So, I made the only plausible decision.

“I am yours Big D.” She stated.

He was so distracted the last time he was here and he broke our routine coming on a Tuesday night. I have only seen Big D once since his unexpected visit that Tuesday night. His situation blew up rather quickly. He never allows me into the intimate details of his business but I knew enough to know that someone got hurt and things had to change for him. He found out that his partner was indeed stealing money from the business for personal use. The only thing I heard was that the guy was last seen severely beaten and then he disappeared. That was two months ago and no one has seen him since. After the disappearance, Big D poured himself into his business. He did not have time for extracurricular activities, including me. I didn’t take it personally though because I knew my place and knew when it came to his money Big D didn’t play. So, I waited patiently for him to return.

The phone startled me when it rang. I glanced over to look at the screen and saw Big D’s face pop up. I sat up straight in my chair. I was nervous already. Can’t believe after all this time he still has this effect on me. I answered the phone.

“Hello” I said into the receiver.

“Hey baby girl.” The rough voice rumbled through my ear.

“Papi ¿dónde has estado.” I asked him.

“Papi está aquí bebé.” He replied.

“I apologize for not being around baby girl. I have been going through so much and had to focus on my business before everything went under. I missed you though. I couldn’t help but notice the last time we were together that you were a little more clingy than usual. What’s up with that?” He said.

“Oh Daddy I am sorry to hear about the business. I knew you would handle things and turn things around for the better. Yes, I do remember that I was a little clingy. I have been going through some things emotionally. Not sure about what I want anymore. Or need I should say. I always love being submissive to you, but lately it seems like it’s not enough, which surprises me. But Daddy it’s not you. You always take good care of me and give me what I need.” I replied.

“I understand baby girl. You know Daddy is not new to the game of love. You have grown so much. I watched you blossom from that shy, quiet, less confident girl into a beautiful, confident, sexy, woman. A woman’s needs are much different than that of a girl. You need someone to love you for the woman you are now. Someone who will make you their queen.” He said.

Big D’s wisdom is unsurpassed. He always knows what I need before I know I need it, yet he allows me the freedom to explore and find my way. I had grown a lot and didn’t require as much care as I had when we first met. But I always questioned what or how we would part. Was this the end?

“I do want that Daddy. I have feared allowing myself to submit to a man in love for so long. But you have helped me to overcome many of my fears. You have taught me that there is real power in submission and that women who submit are not weak.” I stated.

“That’s right baby girl. Only a real woman who is in touch with her softer side is willing to submit and allow her man to be her strength. I have taught you well. I would like to see you tonight. Be ready around 8 pm.” He said.

“Ok Daddy. Do you want me to wear anything special?” I asked.

“No, I just want to look at you and admire your beauty.” He replied.

“Ok then I will see you at eight Daddy. Love you.” I responded.

“Love you too baby girl.” He said and then the phone disconnected.

I sat there holding the phone for a few minutes. Did Big D just tell me he loved me? Did I hear that right? Big D is not one to dabble in his emotions. What does this mean? Is he going to make me his queen? Oh, boy what do I do now? I have been so wrapped up in this thing with Rico surely I can’t have two men in love with me.

What was I going to wear? I just purchased a new red and white polka dot bra and panty set that looked absolutely divine on me. Daddy was also going to appreciate the fact that I have been taking care of his body.

“Damn I look good!” I said to my reflection in the full-length mirror.

The bell rang promptly at 8 pm. I looked through the hole and there he stood. Tall dark and handsome as hell. I took one last look in the mirror and opened the door. He cut his eyes at me to catch a full glimpse of me as he walked through the door. He scooped me up in his right arm looked me in my eyes and kissed me. Then he held me for such a long time. This was not how he usually greeted me. Finally, he released me and we walked into the family room off the kitchen. He made himself comfortable in his usual spot on the couch, while I got him his beer. Something was different about him.

“You’re beautiful baby girl. You know I love when you keep yourself up.” He said.

“Thank you Daddy. Anything to please you.” I replied.

He turned on the television and watched the news while I sat next to him. He was very quiet and I didn’t know exactly what to make of this new dynamic. By this time, he would be already directing me towards the bedroom or the position that he wanted me in. He kept looking at me and I kept squirming in my seat. There was something different in his eyes. The anticipation was too much to bear. My mind was racing with thoughts. Should I initiate something, perhaps give him some head or wait? Oh, my God this is agonizing. I could feel the sexual tension between us. Why won’t he touch me?

He suddenly got up, stood in front of me, took my hand, and gestured for me to stand. He kissed me and lightly touched me around my waist. He always like to touch me in this spot, although I was always unsure why. I bit him on his ear and allowed my tongue to travel down his neck. Things got heated very quickly from that point. Daddy turned me around so that I was facing away from him. He cupped both of my breasts and squeezed my nipples until I winced while he kissed my neck. The heat rose between my legs and all I could think about was feeling him inside me. His hand found its way inside my panties. He pinched my clit then slipped his middle finger inside me. I winced again as I felt an orgasm release a puddle of wetness on his finger. I know that normally Daddy doesn’t want me to make noise unless he has given me permission but there is something different about this encounter.

Once he felt the gush of wetness on his finger, he used his other hand to completely remove my pants and panties at the same time. He bent me over and put his tongue in my pussy from the back. I thought I was going to topple over but I managed to balance myself by assuming the Sun Salutation Yoga pose I do all the time. I stayed in that position while Daddy ate his dessert. It amazed me what he could do with his tongue and that it reached my clit even in this position. I was about to cum but he would not allow me to. He pulled his tongue back. Lifted me up and placed me on the couch.

I helped him open his pants and he allowed them to drop to his ankles. He didn’t even bother with taking them off.

“I want your lips baby girl.” He said as he knelt in front of me.

He pushed gently to penetrate me. Feeling a little resistance, he pulled back a little, then proceeded.

“Ohhh it is so tight.” He said as he fully engaged my pussy.

He began to stroke me deep and hard. He missed me, damn I missed him. He kissed me while he stroked my pussy. He bit my lip and I winced again. Then he pulled out my nipple from my new bra and began to bite it until I screamed.

“Ahhh Daddy Shit!” I screamed while I was cumming.

He continued biting my nipple and stroking me consistently. All I could think about was how much I missed him. How much I missed this. I allowed him to continue because I wanted this just as much as he did.

Then he pulled out and repositioned me so that he could enter me from behind. The head of dick brushed my clit and made me cum as he attempted to enter me. Then I felt the thickness of him get lost in my wetness. I dug my head down in the cushions to mask the sounds of ecstasy that were escaping from deep inside me. He was pounding me so hard that I came with every move. The walls of my pussy were on fire and responded to every move, every thrust, and every sensation he produced. We continued this way until we both exploded into a simultaneous orgasm. I felt the cum hit the back of my pussy and its warmth produced a flow of peace from deep within me.

I didn’t know what to think about this. It was great but this is not Big D. Daddy doesn’t do passion. What does this mean?


Passion Burns

I woke this morning
Thinking of you
Our last encounter
Your smile
Our passion
My submission
Our hearts

We spoke about
The things that
Excited our minds
We watched how
The other responded
We connected

I touched your skin
Felt it’s warmth
The spark turned
Into a fire
That led you
Our destination

Once there
You caressed
The soft part
Of my arse

As you began
Your quest
To please
To satisfy
To gratify
The passion
That burns inside us

Calor – Big D’s Authority

“Bend over!” He commanded. Gesturing towards the chair he intended for her to climb into on her knees.

Calor obeyed his command without question. She felt his presence behind her. The air caressing her exposed butt cheeks. The anticipation of the moment had her in erotic suspense.

“Tonight you get spanked” he said, as his bare hand landed on her right cheek. The sting lingered as she eagerly anticipated the next strike.

“Pop!” He hit her again. He hit her hard several times until she shivered in ecstasy releasing several small orgasms.

“You need to always be ready baby girl. You never know where the next strike will come from.” Big D said as he caressed both of her butt cheeks. He reached over to the dresser and grabbed a bottle of oil. He poured some oil on his hands and oiled her butt cheeks until they glistened. Then he began to spank her again.

“POP POP!!” A double strike on both cheeks that sent her directly into a spiraling orgasm. She knew better than to make noise. So she did her best to hold in her moans of ecstasy. He continued to spank her with his open bare hand. He slipped his finger between her legs after the last blow to check her wetness. Satisfied, he pulled her body towards him and began to tease her with the head of his dick. He slid the head up between her pussy lips until it reached her clit. The contact made her cum instantly. He quickly removed it and slipped just a bit of his head inside her pussy.

Oh how she wanted him to thrust it all the way in. But he was not about to do that. He continued to alternate between her clit and her hole until she practically begged him to penetrate her.

“Oh D pleaasssseee put it inside me now!” She begged.

He continued his cycle, ignoring her pleas. He was not going to give her anything until he was satisfied. So she continued to whimper and cum until her pussy was dripping with wetness. Once again he gave a two finger check, this time pushing his fingers deep inside her until she came on his fingers.

She had lost count of the orgasms and felt the wetness as he pulled his fingers out. He put his fingers in her mouth as he thrust his rock hard dick all the way inside her. She licked all of her cum off his fingers then grabbed the wall in front of her to steady herself. Using the wall, she held her position as he continued to plunge into her pussy hard and slow. Each thrust ignited hundreds of nerves in her body as she convulsed with multiple orgasms.

“That’s right baby grab the wall. Hands on the wall!” He commanded.

He continued to pounce her for about another 30 minutes until he was dripping with sweat. Then he stopped and told her to move to the bed. She assumed a similar position. He was not done riding her from behind yet. She laid the front half of her body flat on the bed while arching her butt in the air for positioning.

He repeated his teasing cycle for a few minutes, then he entered her with one solid push that sent ripples through her yet again. There was no lovemaking tonight. No, Big D pounded her pussy while he talked to her.

“Damn, you turn me on so much, baby girl.” He said.

“Your caramel skin and thick body give me such pleasure through all of my senses. I get hard just looking at you sometimes.” He said while delivering a long hard thrust into her pussy.

He continued to say muffled things to her as he stroked her. Calor was so engulfed in his pursuit of her.  She put her head in the pillow unable to mutter a sound because she was exhausted from the multitude of orgasms and the intensity of him being inside her.

He continued until his waterfall of hot cum shot into her like bullets from a gun piercing each nerve and releasing a gulf of sensations that traveled from her waist down her legs. She collapsed on the bed and began to cry, overwhelmed by emotions and passion of the moment. D kissed her on her forehead, sat in his chair, satisfied with the results and lit up.

Calor loves moments like this when Big D exerts his authority. He always turns her on and never ever leaves her unsatisfied.

Calor Butter – An Erotic Series

Sometimes she doesn’t really know what she needs or desires. She is constantly seeking one thing and getting something else. But this time she got both. What she desired and needed but not in one package. The duality of her personality makes it difficult for her to be satisfied by one man. There is that soft demure side that craves intimacy, touching, and kissing. This woman likes a man with a gentle touch and an experienced tongue, who knows how to take his time with her body. We will call her Butter because she is soft, creamy, and likes to melt slowly.

Then there is her other side the rojo caliente woman who’s hot to the touch. She likes it fast, rough, and passionate. Prefers a dominant man who knows how to put her fire out and start it up again on demand. We will call her Calor because she personifies heat. Their encounters are different but they share the same body. She has a tall bountiful chocolate body with full bouncy breasts and juicy soft ass. Every part of her body is soft to the touch which is a dream for any man. She shows off her curves and loves to entice them with cleavage from her ample bosom.

She has many admirers, some who lust after her and many who desire her. Rico is one of her admirers and he is hot for Butter. He is attracted to her natural beauty and desires her chocolate body. He sees her standing near the pier, the wind blowing her double split skirt revealing those full legs he loves to nibble on. The sun illuminates her deep brown skin making her appear like the true goddess she is. He walks up behind her and nibbles on her neck. She is immediately excited to feel his warmth against her skin. She melts right into his body as a signal for more. He responds by kissing her across the width of her shoulders down her arms and then he turns her head to devour her full lips.

He loves to taste her and she loves to be tasted. He turns her to face him and he kisses her lightly on her lips, then down her neck line stopping at her bosom. He kisses the top of both breasts. She throws her head back in ecstasy savoring the feel of his tongue on her body. Her body shivers as a light orgasm ripples through her. He slips his hand between her legs to touch her wetness. She wants him to put his fingers inside her but knows he will not. No short cuts for him. He wants it all.

Calor heard the roar of his engine and got wet because he was here. Finally she would get some relief from this heat that has been burning for days. Her leather mini skirt is sticking to her thighs but she doesn’t care. It causes a light rise when she walks. Positioned the right way you might get a glimpse of her clean shaven pussy. She looks at herself in the mirror to make sure she looks hot.

Big D commands the room, his dominance is so sexy and Calor willingly submits to all of his demands. She emerges from the ladies room and walks directly to him at his place by the bar. He gives her a serious look and takes in her body in one glance. He grabs her butt from behind and jams two of his fingers in her pussy. He directs her towards a table in the corner but does not remove his fingers. She obediently moves until he tells her to stop.

Once they reach the table he takes his cum soaked fingers out of her and puts them in her mouth. She licks them clean of all her juices and then he kisses her passionately to taste her cum. He loves the taste of her cum transferred through their tongues. She loves how he commands her body and lovingly takes what is his.

Calor Butter is an erotic fiction series that will open up the desires of one woman to the world. Check back here for the latest encounters of Calor Butter.