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Love Desires Balance

My heart wants to embrace him
But my mind says wait
My heart misses his kiss
My mind says keep the distance

He slowly infiltrates me
Causing my heart to desire his love
My mind cautions me to wait
But each day it grows more

The love that is not being fed
The touch that is not being delivered
The desire that is not being acknowledged
Our hearts missing each other

We complement each other
We love unconditionally
Yet we linger like this
Not allowing loves light to shine

When will the mind, body, and soul
Be in sync between us
So our love will flow freely
Not stifled by imbalance


Angels Are Hard to Love

I sat across from him at the table. He is so handsome, just like when I first met him almost 30 years ago. His light touch of gray lends to his distinguished look. So sexy. I shook my head because he is so sexy but also such an angelic spirit at times.

“Okay. Let’s focus.” I say to myself.

“What did you want to know?” He asks. He was always direct. Respected that about him. Except when it came to his heart. That was always indirect.

“I wanted to know how you are and how that relates to me?” I answered.

From this point on he begins to dig deep inside himself and tell me how he really is. He doesn’t look directly at me instead he directs his gaze to his right as he speaks. But I am looking directly at him. I know he is speaking truth because the last time he confessed his truth to me he did the same thing. He averted my eyes and spoke from his soul. That one was a huge one too. So, I anxiously await his words.

“My current relationship is over and we are separating in the next three months. She says I am selfish. I stopped cheating for her. She agreed to allow me to have her any way and anytime I wanted sexually so there was no need for other women. I stayed with her only. You know that is not my norm?” He says.

“Yes, I know that.” I reply.

“She is not submissive, she doesn’t take care of me, doesn’t want to cuddle, and won’t cook. I don’t understand why she just won’t love me. I don’t hang out in the street. I go to work and I come home to her. But she complains that I crowd her.” He says. I hear the pain in his voice as he speaks.

My mind immediately goes to our past relationship and how he never would love me that way. I knew it was in him to love that way but he always kept me at such a distance. I remember a time when I would do anything for him. All I wanted to do was love him so I gave myself to him completely especially sexually. I go to that place in my mind…

I stood in front of him to satisfy his visual pleasure. My black thigh high fishnets gripped the curves of my plump legs. The top rustled a little from the fullness of my thighs, as the garter clip tightened the grip. He loved the red garter and bra set. Of course, no panties was always the rule. My pussy glistened from the oil and moisture.

“What do you want baby?” I asked seductively.

“You on my lap.” He said.

I walked over towards him but stopped a few steps in front of him. I put my right foot on the table. Slowly I rubbed my fingers across my rock-hard clit. I moaned when they made contact. I maintained eye contact with him as I slipped my fingers inside my wet hole collecting all the cum. Then I took my fingers out and put them in his mouth. He licked them clean. Then pulled me to him.

I straddled him. His dick stood erect like the monument. I had to take my time. I slowly lowered my wet pussy on his head. Teased a little, only allowing the head to enter. He grabbed my hips. I motioned No. He loosened his grip. I continued to make love to his head. I felt the rush of cum from inside me. I submerged myself on him completely just as the orgasm hit me.

“Ooohhhh!!!!” I screamed.

The orgasm was intense and I began a steady stroke allowing him to feel all of my heat. I stroked him hard and fast gasping each time he hit the top of my pelvis. I took all of him inside me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful!” He said as he pulled my face to his.

He kissed me while I continued to ride him. We got lost in a momentum of kisses, humps, bumps and pulls. We rode together this way until he released the waterfall inside me. I collapsed on him, spent from the emotional, spiritual and physical energies we exchanged.

It was always that easy to get lost in each other. He continues to tell me about his previous marriage and how she went fatal attraction on him because she found out he was cheating. It sounded ugly. Thing is, I remember when he was dating her. He pushed me away just to be with her. Kept telling me I was only his friend, although he would melt just from me touching his hand. Who was he trying to convince me or himself?

I continue to listen. Now he is talking about how he doesn’t want to do this again. He wants to live alone for a while. He needs to reconnect with God but doesn’t really know what that looks like. I see the confusion on his face. As I listen I am reminded of the many years I was always so conveniently there after every break up. Always his ride or die. Until I crashed one day and I found myself alone. He wasn’t there for me.

I always knew he was in love with me but he was also fearful of our love and would not allow himself to bask in it. So, he kept me away from him a lot especially when he his heart was tender for me. But loving him on and off like this for almost 30-years had taken its toll on me. That’s why when he called, I suggested that we talk first. I don’t have time to pour into empty barrels anymore. No need to stir up things if there is nowhere to go.

“I wanted to know if we could do the same things we used to do? I didn’t know if you were in a relationship or even active anymore.” He asks.

Once again so direct. He wants the same thing. I remember him telling me that one of his fondest moments between us was the first time we were sexual. He was amazed at how wet my pussy was and that it soaked my panties. Thing is, I don’t even remember that night almost 30-years ago. But his directness is much appreciated today.

“No baby. I have grown so much since you saw me. I give myself to those who want all of me. I am a package deal now. When I wanted to love you, you rejected me every time and dumped me for the latest and greatest. Now you come and want me to do the same. I stopped loving you years ago. I love myself now.” I respond.

I am not angry, surprisingly not hurt either. I didn’t allow my heart to hope this time because well I know him. As I was talking I had an epiphany. I realized that I have always been his 30-year fling but he was always my love.

An Erotic Moment of Love

Her eye catches his as he takes her in, drinking all her chocolate milk in one swallow. He doesn’t look away when she catches him. Instead he steadies his gaze upon her eyes, speaking to her. She knows exactly what he is saying to her.

“Beautiful, I want to see you in all of your naturalness. Want to feel your softness.” His eyes spoke to her.

She didn’t drop her gaze. She used her right hand to push the spaghetti strap down her left arm. Pulling her arm out of the silky cami and setting her left breast free. His eyes shift from hers to the nipple that salutes him. She meets his eyes again but this time she speaks to him.

“Baby, taste how sweet your chocolate is. It’s hot and melting.” Her eyes responded.

He stands, walks over to the couch where she anxiously waits for his touch. He kneels in front of her, never losing her gaze. He lightly kisses her lips. His lips trace down to her left cheek, down to her chin, he stops momentarily while his tongue caresses her skin so lightly. She closes her eyes and takes it all in. Savoring the moment, his touch, his warmth, his power.

His tongue continues to travel down to her neck, pausing to pucker while she becomes his sucker for a few minutes. He sucks her neck allowing his tongue to circle the eye of his storm. She gasps, but doesn’t dare move. She knows there is much more to come. His wet warm tongue causes her to tingle in places it hasn’t touched yet.

He looks up at her face and takes her eyes in once more. Then she feels it. The warmth and wetness of his tongue on the tip of her nipple. She shivers as an orgasm flashes through her loins. She tries to compose herself but is calmed by the touch of his hand in the small of her back. He gently supports her as he goes in deeper for more.

In the next moment, her entire nipple disappears inside his mouth. Then he bites down hard. She winces and shakes as a violent orgasm hits her. She uses the cushion to brace herself as he bites harder. Never taking his eyes off her face. She sees his eyes looking up at her while he lays in her lap nursing her nipple. She feels his tongue again. Takes a moment to compose herself and then another wave hits again as he bites into her nipple once more. He gauges her response to know how much harder to bite. He is looking for a certain response.

She tries to lay back but his hand keeps her upright, not allowing her to escape his grip. She shivers and her breathing becomes shallow as she attempts to handle the gripping sensations running through her body at this moment. She feels the gush of liquid release between her legs and realizes that she has cum. He knows she has too but he is not finished.

He releases the left nipple and moves toward the right nipple. It stands erect through the cami. He licks the tip of the right nipple through the silky material, leaving a wet spot. She watches him intently ignite her body. She loves everything he does to her. She loves how he loves her. How he touches her to become a part of her, not to play. This is serious for him. This is how he gives his love to her.

His eyes speak to her again.

“I love you beautiful.” They say to her.
“I love you too baby.” Her eyes respond.

Passion Burns

I woke this morning
Thinking of you
Our last encounter
Your smile
Our passion
My submission
Our hearts

We spoke about
The things that
Excited our minds
We watched how
The other responded
We connected

I touched your skin
Felt it’s warmth
The spark turned
Into a fire
That led you
Our destination

Once there
You caressed
The soft part
Of my arse

As you began
Your quest
To please
To satisfy
To gratify
The passion
That burns inside us

Making Butter Love

Butter was so excited to be in his presence again. Not realizing that he would change her in such a way that she became unrecognizable to those who knew her before him. Butter waited anxiously for him to arrive. He said that he would be arriving in town around 8 pm. It was only 6:30 pm. What was she going to do with herself until then.

He showed her the power of her natural beauty. She began to dress differently, in a way that accentuated her curves and her sex appeal. Usually Butter liked to fly under the radar, nothing like Calor who lets it all hang out. But since Rico entered her life, she blossomed into the woman who always existed but she was afraid to set free. In their last encounter he taught her about relaxing and showed her how to tap into her inner power. He used the techniques he learned in reflexology. He gave her a full body massage, paying close attention to crucial points that release tension. He poured oil on her breasts first. The warm oil rolled down to her nipples, then under the folds of her breasts. He cupped both breasts and gently massaged the oil over the entire surface of her both breasts and her abdomen.

Next he poured oil in his palms and rubbed her hips paying close attention to her butt as she slightly lifted off the bed. He continued by oiling her left leg starting with her thigh. His fingers felt like feathers on her skin. She was completely relaxed as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his hands on her body. Next he massaged her feet. He dug deep into the sole of her foot releasing tension that had been held up for days months. Her body was at peace and ready to receive all that he was going to give her.

Rico was always ready to please her. He adored her so much, she could tell by the way he looked at her. She always felt loved in his presence. His new name for her was “Beautiful” which she embraced graciously.

“Come here beautiful”, he said, holding his and out to her.

She got up from her chair and walked towards him. He took her hand and began to kiss it, never taking his eyes off of her he kissed up her forearm to her shoulder. His lips found their way to her neck, her cheeks and then her lips. He kissed her with so much passion. She stood there for a few seconds after their lips parted. Mesmerized by his energy. What is happening to me? She thought to herself.

He guides her to the bed and says, “Get on your hands and knees beautiful.”

She obeys and waits for his next move. She gently parts her thighs just enough to feel the air on her clit, which sends a sensation through her pussy in anticipation of his touch. Rico positions his head between he thighs and sinks his teeth deep into her lips.

“Hmmmm!”, she moans.

He bites harder until the tip of her clit clenches between his teeth. She shivers right before her body convulses from the multiple orgasms.

“Sit on my face!” Rico suggested.

“Hmm?” she asks.

“Sit on my face baby!” he repeats seductively.

Butter positions her clit right above his mouth. As soon as she straddles his face his lips suck in her clit and lips in one motion. She shivers with excitement waiting to feel the touch of his tongue on her clit. But he prolongs it, like he is reading her body language, cause he knows that’s what she wants. He licks around the inside of her pussy lips, down to her hole but never allows his tongue to touch her clit.

His tongue finds its way to the crease of her thigh and sends sensations throughout her loins. His tongue trails the inside of her thigh releasing the creaminess down below. He moves aside the cum soaked boyshorts and inserts tongue inside her pussy. Her hips push back at him meeting the thrust of his tongue against her vanilla walls.

“Swish, swish” The sound his tongue makes as it goes in and out her pussy soaking up all of her cum like a sponge. She moves her hips up and down stroking her pussy across his tongue. Then they clash her clit and his tongue finally meet.

“Hmmmmm. Oh my God!” she moaned loudly, as his tongue devoured her clit.

The sensation almost stopped her stroke, yet she continued because she desperately wanted to feel all of his mouth on her, teasing her, sucking her, and making her juices erupt. So she stayed steady and enjoyed the ride.

He met her stroke with his own rhythm and continued to eat his meal like it was a special treat. She erupted into a lava filled orgasm and her stroke was interrupted by the flow. She put her head down on her arm and began to speak inaudibly to herself.

“I am his puppet now. OMG. Does he know?” she mumbled to herself.

She felt totally vulnerable to him at this moment, which she was not prepared for but she rode through the emotions he evoked from within her soul. Her mind went back to his handsome face and she began to stroke his tongue again. She moved slowly like she was making love to his tongue. He penetrated her with his tongue, in and out it went driving her crazy.

Rico had her full attention. How would she ever let him go? But surely she had to do something because he was getting more and more of her. Her thought pattern went back to his actions as the next orgasm ripped through her pussy. She convulsed over him and he never stopped licking her clit, right through the orgasm. Then he put his tongue inside her pussy to catch her cum on it.

Never could Butter dream of having such a pleasure as this treat she was receiving. But she was receiving it and she was very appreciative. She showed it by continuing to make love to his mouth with her pussy. He responded by pushing his tongue deep into her asshole while she had another orgasmic episode.

He lifted her up and got up on his knees. He motioned for her to turn around and lay flat on her back. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her body closer to him. The she felt the head make contact with her moisture generating a heat. But she waited patiently for his next move. He began to play with her pussy teasing her with the head of his dick. Then he pushed it into her slowly and sharply. Slowly he stroked her pussy watching her melt into each orgasm, each sensation showed on her face. He watched her intently to see the signs of satisfaction. Which she displayed effortlessly because her heart was beginning to feel so much for him. She felt apart of him more with each stroke and each touch of her body. He kissed her lips as began to tremble.

He continued to make love to her never taking his eyes from hers. She felt his energy, passion, and most of all his love. She met his rhythm and they rocked back and forth in love. She didn’t want this moment to end because it was a bonding between them.

He moved faster as the momentum grew between them until finally he could hold it no longer. He gave one long thrust as he whispered something in her ear. She was not able to understand what he said but she did understand what his body was saying and she responded accordingly allowing him to love her so deeply at this moment.

He collapsed on top of her. Kissing her neck, her shoulder and then her lips in appreciation of the love she gave to him at this moment. His body spoke volumes to her tonight. What was she going to do?