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Belong to You by Sabrina Claudio

Take care of me
Talk all day then at night fall in deep
Stimulate me
I want you mental and physically
I belong to
I belong to you, you, you
Grab hold of me
Gentle love but touch passionately
I’ll give you my blessing
Take me person and objectively
Ex and internally
I belong to you
I belong to you
I belong to you, you, you
Take care of me
Talk all day then at night fall in deep
Stimulate me
I want you mental and physically
I belong to you, you, you
I belong to you, you, you
I belong to you
Songwriters: Ajay Bhattacharyya / Sabrina Claudio


Mine is what Daddy calls me
I am his from my eyelashes That flutter when he looks at me

To the tips of my nipples
That ache to feel his touch
To the depths of my belly
That eagerly anticpates
Being naughty for him

To the moist valley
That bears his name and
Springs forth rivers
When he’s near

Yes mine is what Daddy says
Each time he rubs my (his) legs
Down to his beautiful toes
Which he kisses out of admiration
Of his prized possession

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Fedora loves you. Peace.

The Chair – An Erotic Moment

“Daddy.” She called out in her seductive voice.

“Yes, my goddess.” He replied.

“I want to give my body to you for your pleasure. I want you to enjoy all of my juices, my heat, and my passion.” She stated.

“My goddess sit down in the chair. Allow me to take in your beauty. Do not touch yourself. I want to make you feel everything you deserve.” He said.

He walked over to the chair. She was sitting there with her breast exposed. Her nipples sat up at attention begging for the touch of his tongue. Instead he lightly brushed them with the tip of his finger. She closed her eyes in ecstasy. He walked around behind her and allowed her to feel only his breath on her neck, then her shoulders. She shivered, although it was not cold. The anticipation was building up in her.

She started to squirm in the chair, which was getting wet from her juices. Her pussy was wet in anticipation of him. He commanded her to be still. She stopped moving abruptly.

“Spread your legs” He commanded.

Her legs parted instantly. He knelt in front of her and waved his hand in front of her wet pussy. He could feel the heat emerging from her pussy. He grabbed the gold dildo from the table. He gently allowed the tip to brush across her clit.

A soft sigh escaped from her lips. She wanted him so bad but knew to wait patiently for him. He would please her in his time. Daddy was always good to her. He treasured her body and got great pleasure in having her.

Then without any notice he thrust it inside her pussy.

“Oohhh!!!” she yelled, as the orgasm tore through her.

“Daddddy!! More please.” She said.

He pulled the dildo out and placed it in her mouth. She sucked it swiftly until every drop of her cum was erased from the silicone. He replaced the dildo in her mouth with his rock hard dick. She did not lose a stroke as she continued sucking his dick. She caressed him with her tongue. Sucking harder each time feeling his head hit the back of her throat. Which turned her on more?

She took the dildo out his hand and pushed it inside her pussy. She pushed the silicon dick into her pussy hard. Fucking herself in unison with Daddy fucking her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum. She fucked herself harder, knowing this was turning him on. He grabbed her head and pushed deeper into her mouth.

“You are so damn sexy!! Fuck yourself harder!” He said.

She obeyed and fucked herself so hard that she began to tremble as she came. She never missed a stroke with her mouth though. He fucked her mouth harder and faster. She felt him tense up and knew their moment was near.

She kept going to match his rhythm until it happened. He shot it all. It shot out so quickly and he surprised her by allowing it to shoot in her mouth but also pulling it out as he was cumming to allow the remaining cum to shoot on her lips. She started trembling as an intense orgasm hit her while she was licking her lips of all of his hot salty cum. Oh how she loved it. Oh how she loved him, her daddy, her man, her lover. He always took care of her. Always!

Thank You…Fathers

Sometimes a woman doesn’t appreciate
A man who wants to stay
A man who wants to pay
A man who wants to be a man

Sometimes she doesn’t know how
To say I appreciate you
Just for who you are
Not for what you give or
What you buy
But just for being
The man in my life

Instead she always asks for more
She always says
That it’s not enough
Not realizing that
He is trying to meet every need
Every request and love you too

Thank you for staying
Thank you for working hard
Just to make it work
Thank you for being
A father
A protector
A provider
A man

Happy Father’s Day