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Giving and Receiving Love

Giving and receiving love

For the first time in so long I have encountered someone who is unable to receive love. I have not loved very many men but when a man touches my heart I give him my entire heart. I love the whole man, good, bad or indifferent. I love unconditionally like Jesus loves us.

As I have loved others, I have watched how this love empowers the beloved. It gives them a sense of confidence, causing them to push their chest out and hold their head up high. I believe that everyone should feel this way at least once in their lifetime. I have only had one great love, the one that spans time. That love was not nurtured and was destroyed by fear and lies.

The person I love now is having a hard time receiving the love. He does not feel worthy, therefore he pushes it away. Fear of the unknown will cause us to push away something that could save us and rescue us from our humdrum existence. Many push God away for the same reasons, not realizing that his love will allow them to soar higher than they could ever imagine.

It hurts being pushed away when all you want to do is love someone. But we should also respect others wishes. Just like God doesn’t force his love on us. So I released my lover today. Let him push me away until a time he can give and receive love freely. Love always wins. Always!

The only thing is that it may be too late. I watched this unfold in my life, as my one great love finally came to confess his love of 25 years only it was too late. I had moved on and gotten over him.

Allow yourself the ability to give and receive love willingly. I used to hide my feelings due to fear. But I don’t anymore. Now that I openly love, it can be overwhelming for some.

Love always wins. Always!

His Call

He Called UsHe called me that morning
I needed to hear his voice
I needed to know that he was real
He was there
He was who he said he was

His presence engulfed me
His words bounced around my ears
And deposited into my heart
His voice ignited
The passion that started
With his word

He gave me the piece
The peace I needed
To proceed
He was announced
Via the Holy Spirit

I did not know who he was
But I felt his importance
I felt his power
He knew me
But how

God connected us
Tied our souls together
Positioned us to engage
To create
To uplift
To love
To unleash the things
He has poured into us
For many years