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Calor Butter – The Confrontation

Butter realized that she really needed to do some serious self-reflecting before making a decision that would affect everything in her life. She sat down at the dressing table and stared intently at her reflection.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked herself.

“I am looking at you because you look different.” Calor responded.

“No, I don’t I am you, the same person.” She said.

“We have the same face, the same features, and the same smile but there is something different in the eyes. You look sad all the time.” Calor stated.

“I do not.” She insisted.

“Yes you do. You are retreating back to that scared little girl. You know the one who cried under the covers, while covering her ears to muffle out the sounds.” Calor taunted.

“What are you talking about Calor? I know who I am!” She yelled.

“You thought you did. Look you don’t even know your name. That’s her name, the little girl who allows fear to rule her life. Poor Butter scared of everything and everybody, especially men.” Calor said.

“I’m not scared of men. I have plenty of men in my life.” She insisted.

“Sure the ones you consider to be ‘safe’ that you try to control, that is if you call them men.” Calor laughed.

“Hmm you don’t know what you are talking about.” Butter said as she rolled her eyes at her reflection.

“Okay well what about your current boyfriend who relies on you for everything. He could not find his way out of a paper bag without you holding his hand. He cannot take care of you the way you really need and deserve yet you continue to hold on to him like you are so desperate.” Calor said.

“I am not desperate, he loves me and I love him.” She responded.

“It is time for you to find a real man, who can uplift you. Give you what you need instead of you always giving to them and not getting anything back. Look at you, you are tired and worn out. A real man would not run you into the ground like that. Badger you all the time and call you twenty times a day to say nothing because he has nothing to do. But this is what you call love.” Calor continued.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear any more of this!” She yelled at herself.

“Oh you are going to listen because I am tired of this shit! I don’t want to do this anymore. I want my freedom. I want to be able to love and be loved by a real man. Not a little boy. So you are going to listen because it is time for you to face your fears.” Calor insisted.

“No!” She yelled.

“You tell yourself that you are a real woman and you know what you want but you play yourself down. You hide your true beauty and the best things about yourself behind the masks of fear. You tell yourself that you are happy but deep down in your heart you are yearning for more. Not just from the men but from yourself. You are unfulfilled and you lie to keep up the charade.” Calor continued.

“Stop it! I don’t do that.” She yelled covering her ears with her hands.

“Yes you do. You allowed yourself to gain an extra 40 lbs so that your shape would be different and men would not find you attractive. You stopped taking the time to pamper yourself and make yourself sexy because you don’t feel it anymore. You look in the mirror see that scared little girl and no way to get out of that scary existence. No way to make the noises stop, the voices are so loud that keep telling you that you will never measure up. They remind you of the fighting, the shouting, the touching, and the lack of love that surrounded your life as a child.” Calor said.

“I was loved, what do you mean by that?” Butter look astonished.

“Yeah in whose home did you group up? The one we were in was full of hate, fear, and selfishness. No love emanated from within those walls. That is why you don’t love yourself. You don’t know how to love. You don’t recognize love and still believe that it is a myth.” Calor said.

(Sniff, Sniff) The tears are rolling down her cheek.

“Why are you crying if none of this is true? It is time that you faced the truth. What is that saying? Oh yeah the truth shall set you free. That is what you need to do. You need to face the truth about who you are and stop living this damn lie.” Calor said.

“I don’t know how. This is all I know. I don’t even know where to start.” She replied.

“You can start by recognizing me. Hello I am Calor and I am the woman who is screaming to come out of you. I am sexy, bold, and beautiful.”

“I don’t know anything about those things.” She said.

“Yes you do, I have always been here. I was almost freed one time many years ago before you got married. But after that fiasco, I was buried, never to be heard of again.” Calor said.

“So how did you get out now?” She asked.

“Do you remember that man you met a few months ago who spoke all of those things to you about how beautiful you were and how he really wanted you. You remember the one you ran away from because you thought he was crazy, saying those things to you. He wanted to spoil you and take you out but you said no.” Calor said.

“Yes, I remember him. I was scared of him and thought he was going to hurt me. They all do you know. They say they want me but when they get me they tie me up and put me in a box. Then they treat me like I am their possession instead of their woman.” She said.

“Well he was real and I saw it, so I started clawing my way to surface. He would not give up easily and every time you had an encounter with him, I came up a little more. But now that I am back, I am not leaving. You will acknowledge me because I am you.” Calor said.

“But what do I do, how do I become you? I am so confused.” She asked.

“Oh baby you were always me and I was always you. Those demons pushed and pushed so hard until I was buried so far that you never remembered that I existed. But look at me, look into my eyes. Don’t you recognize that glimmer, the passion?” Calor said.

“Yes, I do remember seeing that before. I was passionate about many things but I settled for what I could get instead of going after those things.” She replied.

“Yes, I know but you don’t have to do that anymore. Allow me to come out and watch your world change for the better. You will be more confident and content with your life. Just allow me to escape please do not bury me again because this time I don’t think I will survive.” Calor pleaded.

“Not survive, what do you mean?” Shen asked.

“I mean that if you allow them to kill me then I will be gone forever. You will stay the way you are scared and lonely. But if you stand up now, put your faith in God, learn to love yourself, and find your strength again, we both will not only survive but live.”

“Okay, I can do that. I don’t want you to die. My life means too much to me and to God for me to just allow this to kill you without a fight. I will try my best. I will live!” She declared.


Happy Anniversary Fedora

Lovers, friends and followers:

Today is the two-year anniversary of Fedora Loves Poetry. I cannot believe that it has been two years, 24 months of sharing love with those who live as passionately as I do. We reached 500 likes in two years!!! Thank you to all who made reaching 500 likes a reality.

As a treat for my most beloved readers I have two things for you:

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  • His Love for Us by FedoraThe Story of Us – This is her story, their story, his story and God’s story. It is all of them in one. Their story told through personal conversations with her heart. She allows you inside her intimate thoughts to see the vulnerabilities of her heart and how they propose challenges, pain, happiness, fulfillment, obedience, disappointment, and joy. Not your typical erotic fiction but more of a passionate blend between love and erotica, straight from the heart of a woman who never knew love.

The Story of Us is my new erotic fiction blog series. I want my lovers to know that I really appreciate the love and attention you bring to the site. Please visit again and again.

Fedora loves you! Peace


Calor – Big D’s Authority

“Bend over!” He commanded. Gesturing towards the chair he intended for her to climb into on her knees.

Calor obeyed his command without question. She felt his presence behind her. The air caressing her exposed butt cheeks. The anticipation of the moment had her in erotic suspense.

“Tonight you get spanked” he said, as his bare hand landed on her right cheek. The sting lingered as she eagerly anticipated the next strike.

“Pop!” He hit her again. He hit her hard several times until she shivered in ecstasy releasing several small orgasms.

“You need to always be ready baby girl. You never know where the next strike will come from.” Big D said as he caressed both of her butt cheeks. He reached over to the dresser and grabbed a bottle of oil. He poured some oil on his hands and oiled her butt cheeks until they glistened. Then he began to spank her again.

“POP POP!!” A double strike on both cheeks that sent her directly into a spiraling orgasm. She knew better than to make noise. So she did her best to hold in her moans of ecstasy. He continued to spank her with his open bare hand. He slipped his finger between her legs after the last blow to check her wetness. Satisfied, he pulled her body towards him and began to tease her with the head of his dick. He slid the head up between her pussy lips until it reached her clit. The contact made her cum instantly. He quickly removed it and slipped just a bit of his head inside her pussy.

Oh how she wanted him to thrust it all the way in. But he was not about to do that. He continued to alternate between her clit and her hole until she practically begged him to penetrate her.

“Oh D pleaasssseee put it inside me now!” She begged.

He continued his cycle, ignoring her pleas. He was not going to give her anything until he was satisfied. So she continued to whimper and cum until her pussy was dripping with wetness. Once again he gave a two finger check, this time pushing his fingers deep inside her until she came on his fingers.

She had lost count of the orgasms and felt the wetness as he pulled his fingers out. He put his fingers in her mouth as he thrust his rock hard dick all the way inside her. She licked all of her cum off his fingers then grabbed the wall in front of her to steady herself. Using the wall, she held her position as he continued to plunge into her pussy hard and slow. Each thrust ignited hundreds of nerves in her body as she convulsed with multiple orgasms.

“That’s right baby grab the wall. Hands on the wall!” He commanded.

He continued to pounce her for about another 30 minutes until he was dripping with sweat. Then he stopped and told her to move to the bed. She assumed a similar position. He was not done riding her from behind yet. She laid the front half of her body flat on the bed while arching her butt in the air for positioning.

He repeated his teasing cycle for a few minutes, then he entered her with one solid push that sent ripples through her yet again. There was no lovemaking tonight. No, Big D pounded her pussy while he talked to her.

“Damn, you turn me on so much, baby girl.” He said.

“Your caramel skin and thick body give me such pleasure through all of my senses. I get hard just looking at you sometimes.” He said while delivering a long hard thrust into her pussy.

He continued to say muffled things to her as he stroked her. Calor was so engulfed in his pursuit of her.  She put her head in the pillow unable to mutter a sound because she was exhausted from the multitude of orgasms and the intensity of him being inside her.

He continued until his waterfall of hot cum shot into her like bullets from a gun piercing each nerve and releasing a gulf of sensations that traveled from her waist down her legs. She collapsed on the bed and began to cry, overwhelmed by emotions and passion of the moment. D kissed her on her forehead, sat in his chair, satisfied with the results and lit up.

Calor loves moments like this when Big D exerts his authority. He always turns her on and never ever leaves her unsatisfied.