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Beautiful Beloved

She rises
Once again
Her head
Held high

Because today
She tastes
Newness revealed
Life restored
Deep down

In her soul
She responds
To life’s call
“Come here”
“It’s time”

Destiny calls
Her name
“Beautiful Beloved”


The Story of Us – She Adores Him

“Let me look at you.” She says, as she gazes upon his sculpted body.

Shaking her head, she slowly traces the path of his bulging vein on his right arm, through its peaks and valleys. The beauty of his body excites her. The chiseled muscles that he purposely flexes when he knows she is watching.

“You are such a hot sexy man.”

” Will you allow me to celebrate the beauty of your manliness?” She asks, moving her gaze to his eyes. She loves to admire him.

He strokes her left cheek and then kisses her slightly parting her lips with his tongue. She responds in kind with the tip of her tongue. They stay locked for a few seconds. She pulls back from his kiss and returns her gaze to his body.

She pours oil into her left hand, then some on his chest. She rubs the oil over his chest and allows some to drip on the ripples of his abs. She catches the oil with the other hand and works both hands over his body until they met in the middle. Wait, she isn’t ready for that yet.

She pours more oil on his biceps and watches them come alive as he moves his arms. She massages his shoulders paying close attention to tight spots. She wants to relieve all the stress from his day before they make love.

She sits behind him and kisses the back of his neck. As she kisses him, she remembers their latest fight. She pauses for a moment as her mind goes back to the event, until his hand lightly touches hers and she starts massaging him again. Then, he guides her hands between  his legs. She looks down and decides its best to follow suit.

She pours more oil into her hand and cups his dick like it was in a cup of oil. Slowly she drips the oil along his hardness. She squeezes and strokes simultaneously from the shaft to the head. The vein bulges along his shaft like a bolt of thunder, exciting all the juices within her body.

“If you keep doing that I am going to dig my tongue in your pussy from the back.” He taunts.

She doesn’t flinch. She continues to massage his hard bulging piece of love like it was the first time. She strokes and squeezes the head and then plays with it using her fingers.

In a matter of minutes he is up and re-positions her, guiding her to her knees. Moments later, she is startled, as she feels the wetness of his tongue between her pussy lips. She feels his tongue go in and out of her hot wet pussy. She shivers as she feels the orgasm hit her hips then radiate to the rest of her body.

Next, she feels him breathe life into her through what she has termed as “the SWOOSH”, the wave that penetrates her soul as he enters her. She melts, her body instantly succumbs to him, as she manages to mutter,

“Yes, that’s what I want.”

“That’s what you deserve. To be loved this way always.” He replies, gripping her thighs as he thrusts more inside her.

She wants to feel his life pulsate within her body as he gives his love to her. He goes deeper, then he says,

“I want to kiss your lips beautiful.”

So he turns her on her back. Her clit is standing at attention and he sucks on it until she arches her bottom in the air, in surrender.  His tongue is now on hers. She smells her scent on him as he kisses her and they lock for a minute. Then he caresses her body as he begins his dissent into her.

Once he is inside her, she releases waves of orgasms. He continues the momentum by simultaneously riding her waves and kissing her. Their eyes lock for a second. He looks inside her then deliberately touches her in a way that she knows how he feels.

“Ooh baby!!”  She moans loudly, as he rhythmically strokes her, watches her, and kisses her.

They love each other this way until everything is said, every breath of life is shared, and Us is renewed and reconnected. She is sweating, its dripping down between her breasts, but she doesn’t care. All they care about right now is restoring what broke during their last disagreement. They promised to never allow the anger to hang around too long, to always allow their love to rule because it sustains them.

Which is exactly what happens when the waterfall starts to erupt inside her. She shivers and her pussy pulsates as they are bound by love once more. Relieved they both fall into the final embrace before sleep comes on.

The Story of Us – God’s Disturbance

Dear Heart,

God disturbed us for a reason. He promised not to leave us nor forsake us but he never promised to make us comfortable. We are uncomfortable for a reason. God will sometimes use situations to build us.

The truth is that I love him and that’s all. It’s not about sex or what we can give each other. I love him enough to leave him and allow him to grow. I love him enough to stand by him even when he pushes me away. I love him enough to be his place of refuge when the world beats down on him. I love him enough to see things through his eyes so I can try to understand his perspective.

Our connection is strong and it shifts our focus from outward pursuits to the pursuits of us. Perhaps that’s what God intended because we both are super focused now. Performing at a level that anyone would be envious of. But we are also fuel for each other. Love fuels us.

I know he loves me that’s why it’s hard to walk away. He never had to say it because he always made his love obvious. That ‘s what I desire now. For the first time in my life, heart, I desire love, not lust. I thought I loved another in a similar way but now I question that. The world looks different to me now. I feel like a flower that has just began to grow and is ready for pollination. Everything is alert.

I never regret loving because it has made me a better woman and taught me how to appreciate a man. I would not know this unless I was paying attention. Because I didn’t always pay attention, when I was seeking the other L. But as I also see my growth as a blooming flower. I now know how to stop having sex. I know how to stop prolonging relationships that should end.  I know how to cut off communication that my be distracting but I don’t know how to stop loving him nor do I want to.

But love hurts and love is uncomfortable, makes us react uncharacteristically. As a result, we run from love, we hide our hearts and pretend that what we feel is on the surface. But we should just allow the love to flow freely instead of trying to stifle it. Let the pollen infiltrate our system so that we can grow into a beautiful bouquet.

God loves us in a similar way, allowing us free will to stumble, to find our way, and to accept him. But when we do he showers us with his pollen and we flourish. We bloom into new creations that are bursting with more of his love to share with the world. Love becomes contagious and God has had his way.

Standing Still

Just some of my thoughts... Standing Still

When he hurts, I hurt. I feel him in my heart. But how? How are we able to connect with another person in that way? I never understood it but I have experienced it. Love is like that. It binds you, which is why I always say that a person who genuinely loves you will do their best not to hurt you because hurting you would hurt them.

So what do you do? You can’t take away their pain and you can’t fix what’s wrong. Just stand, be there, and love them. Don’t try to fix things for them, but try to see their perspective. Give them the space to grieve, be angry, or whatever they need to heal. But don’t forget to be patient because it may take some time.

I was always the one who was on the supportive side. I called when they needed and they asked me how I knew. But now it was my turn. I was torn up emotionally that night, sitting in my car. I couldn’t move because of some things that had happened. I needed time. The phone rang unexpectedly. It was him. He quickly acknowledged everything I had said throughout the day to him. The tears stopped and I could breathe.

I began to tell him about what had me so upset, my world began to calm down. I could think. There was a silence on the phone. I asked him if he were still there. He said he wasn’t going anywhere. He was there and he didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything wise to make me feel better. There was just silence. The silence that healed me that night. The silence that told me he could feel me like I felt him.

I’m not going anywhere! Sometimes standing still is all that’s needed.

Fedora loves you. Peace

Caught In His Rain


I heard the thunder of my heart
Tell me it was him
That had me feeling
The way I do

I saw the lightning of my life
Light the sky
With such delight
When I heard his voice

I felt the drops of water
Fall lightly upon my cheeks
When he loves
The way he does

The rain felt good
Washing away all the
Issues of my day
Preparing me
For more to come