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Oh How I Love You by Zacardi Cortez


My Soul Loves

I don’t know if you can ever say that you are 100% sure someone loves you. But I can say that today because it is unmistakable. I am sure he loves me but why did it take me so long to accept it? I totally surrendered to my heart. Something I spent most of my adulthood trying to avoid. I am 51 years old and I just met the man of my dreams three years ago.

He really is the man of my dreams! My dreams were distorted early on in my life, when I was led to believe that I didn’t need a man. I learned that is not true. I was created to have a covering and to belong to another. I was not meant to be single. When I face this woman in the mirror today I acknowledge that love is her smoking gun. Giving and receiving love is what makes me come to life.

He really is the man I dreamt of way back in my innocent years before I knew many men. How do I know? Because he is my mirror image. I see myself in his eyes. The innocent part in his heart that still exist in mine. That’s where we connect. That place within me that only exists for one other being, God. In my heart, in my soul.

I wasted so much time being scared to open and scared to live. But now I welcome it. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I find myself excited although I don’t know the path. I am closer to God more now than ever. Ironically at the same time I have opened my heart to receive his love. So, for those who think the man of my dreams is perfect, no he’s not. But he is true and peaceful. A graceful place to lay my head and rest. Assuredly, I welcome his love completely.

Fedora Loves You, Peace.

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry

Forgiveness is Easy, Forgetting is another Chapter

Lover’s I realize that I am in a healing space right now. Someone has hurt me deeply to the core of my being and I must forgive them. It has been hard because the people who hurt me are people I love.

I must forgive so that I can move on but I do not forget. Nor do I allow those people back into my life so easily. They have to earn a place in my life. They have to earn my trust, loyalty, love again. It will not be freely given.

Should they choose not to return, that is just fine. I have made peace with all of them. I have found my safe place and have managed just fine without them. Yes I miss them sometimes but being alone is worth the peace I have gained.

To those who are still selfishly hurting others. Take a minute and consider your own pain. Imagine someone digging a weapon in your open wound and how unbearable it would be emotionally. That’s what you are doing to the people you are using, lying to, cheating, betraying, all for your own selfish gain. Realize that your pain will stop when you stop causing pain to others.

Fedora Loves You. Peace!