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Yes, You May Love Me

Love is all that was needed
To bring me into your world
You open my eyes to a world
Filled with joy and peace

I miss you each time
We depart
But long to see your smile
Feel your touch
Like the first time

You give me what has been
For so long
Pieces I didn’t know
Were missing
Are Connected

I needed to know
Someone would stand
Even when it was hard
Not because of pity
But because love
Overwhelmed my heart

Opening my third eye
Sensing finally the beauty
That’s before me
The wisdom bestowed upon me
The love of spirit
That bonds us

Deep within the soul
Which suddenly realizes
Fear pushing
Love aside
Because the heart
Was dropped once before

It’s delicate condition
Prevented it from
Embracing all
That love brings

But today they stared
At each other
Eye to eye
Toe to toe
Until they reconciled

The heart opens
Love says hello
I’m here
She receives him
As she releases the
Anchor that bound her

I love you
I want you
I don’t want you
To leave
Yes, you may
Love me


Love’s Touch

I have a love
His touch springs up
Butterflies in my tummy
Just thinking about him
Brings a smile to my face

In my eyes he is wonderfully
And imperfectly made
His flaws are his crowns of glory
Shining through as he conquers them
For he is not his flaws
And they are not who he is

For nothing made so graciously created by God
With such a pure heart
Could ever be looked down upon

Just Some of My Thoughts on His Creation

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018He created me for this moment. For this season. To be who I am right now. To do the very thing I am doing at this moment. Writing this to you. To tell you how much I appreciate how I was created.

When God created woman, he took his time. He knew that she was made of delicate material, so he handled her with care. He cultivated his creation admiring his work as he proceeded. Once he was satisfied with her excellence he sealed it with his breath of life.

She lives, she breathes, HIS CREATION. Prepared for a moment like this. My life is bringing so many new turns and some unfamiliar territories that are daunting but He created me for that too. He already poured His spirit into my being. I forever live in his love, his power, his admiration of HIS CREATION.

There is no other place to be standing at this point in the journey. Realization!!!

I was created for this!!!

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry

I Was Created for This by Tweet

[Verse 1]
So many times I tried to run away
I couldn’t find rest cause there was no hiding place
And I heard a voice come up from deep within, say
This is who I am
I no longer can pretend

And I was created for this (created for this)
Oh, I was created for this (created for this)
And I, yeah (created for this)
I was created for this (created for this)

[Verse 2]
So different I know that I don’t feel it
But I’m chosen and I believe that’s what it is
He gave me a song for me to tell the story
And my life’s poured out only for your glory (glory, yeah)

I was created for this (created for this)
Ooh, I was created for this (created for this)
I was created for this (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,)
I was created for this (yeah)

[Verse 3]
I am persuaded
I’m gonna be all that you created me to be (be all)
I’m down in my mind, but least I’m here (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m gonna help someone along the way
Yeah, hey

Created for this
I was created for this
I was created for this
Ooh(da da da da da)
I was created for this
I was created