God Fearing Gangstress

GangstressA God fearing gangstress is a

God-fearing woman
Anxious for nothing for she knows her destiny
Never forgets where she came from
Geared up and ready to go
Steady on her path
Tired of all the bull
Ready to go the distance
Shields her young from the enemy

She is a sister who is fed up with the system
And the dog men in her life
She is tired of being beaten,
Used, abused and disrespected Continue reading God Fearing Gangstress

My Love Letter

IMG_20140922_204007 Dear Love,

I thought I missed you many years ago when I was so sad and didn’t know who you were or where to find you. I cried many nights and had an emptiness inside me that could not be filled. One day I thought I found you. Called your name but you didn’t answer. So I settled for someone who looked like you. We got along for a little while but a big storm blew through and tore us to shreds. Continue reading My Love Letter

Igniting the fire of Love to heal thy heart.

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