A Dominant and a Submissive


I Carry You Always

My love
I carry you always
Inside my innermost
Parts, thoughts,  words
You are a culmination
Of my desires, my needs, my wants
And my will

I see you always In my visions
My dreams
My spirituality

I hear you always
Speak to me
Through our words
The music that transports
Me into your arms and
You into mine

I feel your touch always
Upon my skin
Softly caressing me
From within
The passion kindled when
We are intimate
Close and engrossed in each other

I carry you always
In my eyes
In my ears
On my skin In my heart
We’ll never part
My love

Strangely Liberated

I feel strangely
Liberated today
Free from the possibilities
Of them
The ones who always try
To withhold and uphold
Their agendas over me

I feel strangely
Free from the holds
That those who had
My heart thought
Was their key to
Lock me away from
The world for their
Own selfish gain

I feel strangely
Free from that woman
Who was so unsure
Always trying to get
Something that was not
Hers not good
To or for her

I feel strangely
The road before me
Is open wide
Scary, exciting, anticipating
Destined to lead
To greatness

Hypnotic Eroticism by The Black Poe

Lovers here is another piece by my special friend, The Black Poe. Get ready to take a ride that is sure to make you hot. Fedora loves you. Peace.

Hypnotic eroticism
Creates an enigmatic
Euphoric cataclysm

Your legs open and
I enter mine
Our bodies intertwined
Freedom of the mind

As the animal in me
Begins to dine
On your fine wine

I sip
Tickle your tongue
And trace your lips

Your fingertips top
My tip
Volcanic eruption
Follows the sweet drips
As they touch your lips

–The Black Poe

Languages of Love


Sleepless Warrior


Love hugs you
When you are weak
Love is proud when
You succeed
Love lives in honesty and
Love stays despite of adversity
Loves rules against
All odds
Love will be there when you
Stumble and fall
Love gives more than
It receives
Love heals the broken spirit
Love brings laughter and joy
To your soul
Love gives you wings
When you cannot fly and
Love picks you up
When you drop from
The sky
Love humbles you
When you reach the moon
Love encourages you
To keep reaching for your stars
Every night
Love calms you in
The midst of the storm
Love can rock your boat and
And push you, out of your
Comfort zone
Love can be a
Sinner or a saint
Love can be good or bad but
Its meaning doesn’t change
Love in any language
Sounds like…

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Igniting the fire of Love to heal thy heart.

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