Best Intentions

Nice “real” post about being spread too thin. Enjoy and I hope you get something useful like I did.

Enigmatic Amor

I’m having trouble staying in a positive mindset when Mr. D is feeling down.I want to be there for him.I want to lift him up and make his spirit soar the way he makes mine fly when he shows his ‘Daddy’ level of care and most especially when he dominates me and makes me drift in sub space.

I seem to take on the same feelings of being down, the same feelings of despair and lately I see myself stumbling through the love and care I so desperately wish to offer.I doubt myself and then I question if I’m being good to and for him.I know better.I need to ignore the doubts and overly personal nature of my feelings and serve him.

I am stretched too thin and I see it affecting my service.I hadn’t written for him in weeks.Hearing his angston Sunday night,I thought ‘write something for…

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The Ride

I watch the flow
As I see it grow
Into the force
That will make me glow

Slowly I go
To let him know
How much he gives me
My love will show

He slides inside
As I glide
My body atop his pride
Filling me up
So I can ride

Slowly I go
Until I feel his flow
Which lets me know
How much deeper I can go

I ride, I glide
I slide inside
The flow of his love
His hardness
Makes it hard to
Keep my heart inside

Each flow lets me know
That he is mine
He watches intently
As I take him all inside

I kiss his lips
While I feel the tip
Hit the top of my spot
That makes me hot

His hands cup the softness
That envelopes him
Pulling me up and down
In and out until I shout

Please don’t let it come out
Give me all that I desire
Your love has my mind
And body on fire

He pulls me harder
I glide longer
We ride in unison
To build the momentum
That will propel
Our love into the universe

Ohhh no I say
I can’t get away
He’s going so deep
He’s getting ready to spray

I dig in and hold on
Securing my spot
I’m going to ride until
He releases the last drop

He squeezes me tight
I give up the fight
He lifts me up
Pushing gliding riding
Ohhh no
Pushing gliding riding

So hard so strong
I feel it spray all inside
It hits the wall
Releases a major
Eruption deep down inside

Just some of my thoughts on Love and Lust

Just some of my thoughts…..

I love with the deepest part of my being always giving more. I lust after the feeling that gives me a rush. A rush of adrenaline, a rush of wetness, and a rush of heat.

Sometimes they clash with each other.

The love craves the quiet intimate moments, the touching, the words, and the closeness of him. The one who speaks to my heart and illuminates my world.

The lust craves more physical interaction. Touches in places that ignite fires. No kissing but lips are involved. Lips touching the parts that require attention and appreciation.

My heart calls out to be heard as my body wants to be held and caressed. My lips want to be kissed. My hand wants to be held, to be touched.

My breasts want to feel his lips, his bite on my nipple. My body wants to be explored by his hands, his tongue and to feel his fingers penetrate places that produce waterfalls and magic.

My love and lust craves, no wants, desires his dominance which ignites passion and makes me want to always be near him.


Igniting the fire of Love to heal thy heart.

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