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Poems written from the heart.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day!

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, speak different languages, wear different clothes, but they all share the same thing they love unconditionally.

Your mother may have been flawed but she loved you the best way she knew how. Motherhood doesn’t come with instructions many of us fumble through praying for the best.

If your mother is not here anymore, focus on your best memory of her and allow that to be your guiding star.

Fedora loves you! Peace


Just some of my thoughts…

Unravel me


Let me share with you why I am sharing this song. As you know certain songs speak to my spirit, this is one of them. I am entering a phase where I am guarding myself sexually. Often we give ourselves to those who disregard the importance and meaning of sexual love.

There are times when one should abstain in order to bring balance and harmony back to your spirit. This is important because as we connect with our mates sexually we also take in their spirit. We become entangled in their battles, agendas, love, glory etc. Now this is okay when that is your intention. You both have decided to become life partners this is exactly what you want.

But if that is not your plan, then entangling yourself in this way disturbs the natural order of your life and goals. So at this point I am finally refocused on my purpose and I do have those who are attempting unravel me.

Lovers it is not easy because once the door to desire has been opened you can’t close it. All you can do is attempt to keep the fire as low as possible. I have successfully abstained for about five years previously. But this time it’s harder. But I intend to stand my ground!

I know you’re trying but you’ll never unravel me!!!!

Fedora Loves you. Peace.

Unravel Me by Sabrina Claudio

Something in the sun or the air
Is making me wanna run away from here
I know that you want me to stay with you, but no
So I’ll keep on making excuses about the sun, the earth, the rays
Our days are numbered, wired and I’m tired of it
I know you’re trying
But you’ll never unravel me
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
It’s something about the season that we’re in
That’s making me think that we’re not supposed to do this
I know that you’re trying to understand
But you can’t
‘Cause I keep on making excuses ’bout the fall, the rise
And how my mind is ruptured, wired and I’m tired of it
I know you’re trying
But you’ll never unravel me
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel
Songwriters: Ajay Bhattacharyya / Daniel Schnair / Sabrina Claudio
Unravel Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Love Desires Balance

My heart wants to embrace him
But my mind says wait
My heart misses his kiss
My mind says keep the distance

He slowly infiltrates me
Causing my heart to desire his love
My mind cautions me to wait
But each day it grows more

The love that is not being fed
The touch that is not being delivered
The desire that is not being acknowledged
Our hearts missing each other

We complement each other
We love unconditionally
Yet we linger like this
Not allowing loves light to shine

When will the mind, body, and soul
Be in sync between us
So our love will flow freely
Not stifled by imbalance

Love Abounds

Screenshot_20180506-225433.jpgIf you are not loving this way you are wasting their time. Many people never make it past the bad mood and they are ready to bounce. Real love involves stamina. You will face many storms, fight overwhelming battles, cry unlimited amount of tears, and still anticipate feeling that warmth that comes over you when he enters the room.

Love isn’t easy but it’s rewards are far reaching and fulfilling. Be patient in your relationship. Everyone doesn’t reach the goal at the same time. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They’re not ready because love abounds.

Fedora Loves Poetry
Fedora Loves You. Peace