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Orgasmic Derby by The Black Poe

Her lips to my lips…the starting line of our orgasmic derby. Our bodies touching, minds wanting to hasten the pace of this sexual race.

On your mark…we are poised and ready to do what lovers do.

Get set…our blissful connection coupled with my love’s clitoral erection positioned to see this through. Go!

I start off fast…taking to lead and leaving my lover behind me.

Switch positions…down the middle of her body…my face buries deep. Steeple chase, cleared her hurdle but in her water I fell. Savoring her sweet taste, basking in the aromatic vapors of her smell.

I lick…she stumbles…I kiss to make her body rumble…


17 Signs You’re The Type Of Woman That Men Find Sexy AF — Thought Catalog

Twenty20, LariStreule1. You have high standards. You aren’t going to settle for the first man that asks to buy you a drink. You’re holding out for that special someone. 2. You’re playful. You don’t flirt by shoving your cleavage in his face. You flirt by teasing him. 3. You’re independent. If he’s busy one weekend, you won’t mind, because…

via 17 Signs You’re The Type Of Woman That Men Find Sexy AF — Thought Catalog

7 Traits of Real Men by Frederick Goodall


Men were made to be bold, strong, leaders. Our society needs men who possess these 7 traits of real men. –Frederick Goodall

Men were made to be bold, strong, leaders. However, our society has attempted to repress these traits. If you look at the way men (especially dads) are portrayed on TV, you’d think we were all a bunch of irresponsible, befuddled, nincompoops, who can only function with the help of a “smart” female partner, friend, or spouse.

Consequently, many boys are confused and have no idea what it takes to be a real man. They seek inappropriate role models and emulate the bad behavior that they see on a regular basis.

It is our duty as men, fathers, and responsible citizens to counter thesenegative images and raise a new generation of men who are respectful, loving, and willing to contribute to society in a positive way.

If we are to achieve this goal, we must start with improving ourselves. In my personal journey, I’ve discovered seven traits that real men possess:


Integrity is more than being honest. It’s a lifestyle set on striving towards moral excellence. Real men say what they mean and mean what they say.They are the same person whether or not others are watching. They are trustworthy, dependable, and unwavering.


Compassion is sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. In other words, you feel compelled to help someone who is hurting. Men aren’t often viewed as being compassionate, but it is a trait that helps us to become more connected to the people around us. Real men turn their compassion into service and work to make the world a better place.


Real men are confident. Many people confuse confidence with arrogance and self-centeredness. Real men know the difference. Confidence is about being self-assured and self-aware. Confident men have faith in their abilities and knowledge. They don’t need to tear others down in order to build themselves up. They earn people’s trust with their radiant, inner strength. When a they walk into the room, everyone takes notice.


Hardly a day goes by without a news report about some high-profile man who has been destroyed by sex, money, and/or drugs. Too many men lack self-control, but it is the foundation of a virtuous life. Self-control starts with focus and ridding yourself of distractions. Doing this isn’t easy because temptations lurk around every corner. Real men are able to tame their desires and channel that energy into positive pursuits.


Perseverance is the product of self-control. It is courageous resistance against difficult circumstances. Perseverance is only developed through trials.Real men endure the trials and emerge stronger. They never give up.


A man must have the courage to do what is right regardless of the circumstances. He must not allow fear to control his life. Nothing is ever accomplished with an attitude of passivity. Real men take a stand in the face of adversity.


Today’s breed of young men loves to let everyone know how much swagger they have. They thump their chests and proclaim to the world, “I’m a Big Deal. Look at me!” Real men understand the value of being humble and letting someone else’s light shine. They realize that humility is more endearing than self-importance. Humility indicates that you are ridding yourself of the poison of self-centeredness. Besides, humility softens the blow when someone knocks you off your pedestal.

Acquiring all of these traits takes time and dedication. However, our society would benefit greatly if all men strove to possess them.

Stay Strong,

Source: 7 Traits of Real Men

Angelic Beauty by The Black Poe

They say that beauty
Is in the eye of the beholder
Yet why…
Must the lonely dove cry
Another night
Without looking
Into the eyes of a man
As he is holding her

You are beautiful
The face of an angel
The guiding light
Of your smile
As your two lips part
In all the right places
Pleasure selectable
Fingers dance before
The tongue romance

Heavenly delectable
The purest form of communication
A simple thought
From each conversation
Intellectual fornication

A man
Who is a man
Need not eyes to see
What is was
And what was
Is will truly be
Meant to be

The Last Kiss by Joe Brock (Guest Post)

It is with bated breath that I introduce you to my fellow writer, poet, and friend Joe Brock. His words illuminate my mind and I had to share a taste of him with you lovers. Enjoy his voice as much as I do. Fedora loves you.


This is that moment. When we both love each other but we both know it’s over. With one last kiss the tears begin to fall and it’s over. Doesn’t mean it’s ever going to stop hurting, or we will ever stop being in love. Nah, I’ll never forget you, nor you me. Because sometimes life isn’t always fair, we can’t always have who we want just because we love them. Because at the end of the day we don’t really have much control over anything in this life.

It’s been happening the way it wants to for centuries. So this is just that moment of forced disconnect when we both accept it and want better not only for ourselves but each other. That’s true love at the end of the day and for what it’s worth, sharing it with you was beautiful, it was everything and for the rest of my life I’ll remember the way you touched my soul.

There’s never a right time to say goodbye, especially when you know it’s the only thing you can do. You always seem to want the moment not to end, to get one last kiss maybe hoping it will change something.

Even if it doesn’t, it gets me one extra moment with you.
Maybe in the next life I’ll find you again, and I won’t fuck up so much, or you’ll have it in you to give me one more chance. But it wasn’t for us this time baby, but no matter what anyone says they’ll never understand what it’s like to let go simply because of how much I love you. #LevelsOfLove

About the author: Joe Brock the poet, the writer, the man has published several books. Books on sale.. BUY two get two FREE.. Individual books and ebook versions can be purchased from his website! #ThoughtsOfErotica #ABeatingHeartWithAnOpenMind #LettersToMyWife #HalfNightStand | Also coming soon is his next short story #LustfulLove and at the beginning of the new year #ThoughtsOfEroticaVol2.