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Transistions In Love

Transitions in Love

Just Some of My Thoughts... Fedora Loves Poetry 2018Sometimes we go through storms of transition. Many believe that the path of love will be a cloud walk. Lost in the love of your beloved and everything will magically work out. This is so untrue. Love takes work, patience, endurance, and forgiveness.

Transitions are not easy. During transitions you experience a tearing away of the old and the opening of a new unfamiliar path. This path is often empty as you have never traveled it before. then the fear bombards you as you realize you have no control over this at all. I am merely a piece of clay in the master’s hand. He is shaping me into what he wants through this path. How do I navigate this path of love successfully?

We have been on our love journey now for three years. We have overcome so many obstacles. We have broken up several times. But our souls yearn for each other and always find their way  back to each other. We both attempted to leave each other again over the past month. I started it and then he did it. But this time I said NO! We are only going to come right back. This is another one of those hurdles, those fearful moments when the reality of love overwhelms the heart.

I also realized that I will love him as long as I live. Some soul ties never die. I also learned the reason why we always come back is because we exchange an energy between us that gives us life. We commune with each other on a spiritual level when we make love. We literally give ourselves to the other. We live inside each other.

But even after the many obstacles I stand today and say it is all worth it! He is worth it! We are worth it! He is a quality man with the purest heart.  I will allow love to flow between us, through us, inside us, and from us. I love you handsome!!

As you face a new path, a transition in life, remember it is only a temporary change in your path. It is not how it will stay.

Fedora loves you. Peace

Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry


The Story of Us – She Adores Him

“Let me look at you.” She says, as she gazes upon his sculpted body.

Shaking her head, she slowly traces the path of his bulging vein on his right arm, through its peaks and valleys. The beauty of his body excites her. The chiseled muscles that he purposely flexes when he knows she is watching.

“You are such a hot sexy man.”

” Will you allow me to celebrate the beauty of your manliness?” She asks, moving her gaze to his eyes. She loves to admire him.

He strokes her left cheek and then kisses her slightly parting her lips with his tongue. She responds in kind with the tip of her tongue. They stay locked for a few seconds. She pulls back from his kiss and returns her gaze to his body.

She pours oil into her left hand, then some on his chest. She rubs the oil over his chest and allows some to drip on the ripples of his abs. She catches the oil with the other hand and works both hands over his body until they met in the middle. Wait, she isn’t ready for that yet.

She pours more oil on his biceps and watches them come alive as he moves his arms. She massages his shoulders paying close attention to tight spots. She wants to relieve all the stress from his day before they make love.

She sits behind him and kisses the back of his neck. As she kisses him, she remembers their latest fight. She pauses for a moment as her mind goes back to the event, until his hand lightly touches hers and she starts massaging him again. Then, he guides her hands between  his legs. She looks down and decides its best to follow suit.

She pours more oil into her hand and cups his dick like it was in a cup of oil. Slowly she drips the oil along his hardness. She squeezes and strokes simultaneously from the shaft to the head. The vein bulges along his shaft like a bolt of thunder, exciting all the juices within her body.

“If you keep doing that I am going to dig my tongue in your pussy from the back.” He taunts.

She doesn’t flinch. She continues to massage his hard bulging piece of love like it was the first time. She strokes and squeezes the head and then plays with it using her fingers.

In a matter of minutes he is up and re-positions her, guiding her to her knees. Moments later, she is startled, as she feels the wetness of his tongue between her pussy lips. She feels his tongue go in and out of her hot wet pussy. She shivers as she feels the orgasm hit her hips then radiate to the rest of her body.

Next, she feels him breathe life into her through what she has termed as “the SWOOSH”, the wave that penetrates her soul as he enters her. She melts, her body instantly succumbs to him, as she manages to mutter,

“Yes, that’s what I want.”

“That’s what you deserve. To be loved this way always.” He replies, gripping her thighs as he thrusts more inside her.

She wants to feel his life pulsate within her body as he gives his love to her. He goes deeper, then he says,

“I want to kiss your lips beautiful.”

So he turns her on her back. Her clit is standing at attention and he sucks on it until she arches her bottom in the air, in surrender.  His tongue is now on hers. She smells her scent on him as he kisses her and they lock for a minute. Then he caresses her body as he begins his dissent into her.

Once he is inside her, she releases waves of orgasms. He continues the momentum by simultaneously riding her waves and kissing her. Their eyes lock for a second. He looks inside her then deliberately touches her in a way that she knows how he feels.

“Ooh baby!!”  She moans loudly, as he rhythmically strokes her, watches her, and kisses her.

They love each other this way until everything is said, every breath of life is shared, and Us is renewed and reconnected. She is sweating, its dripping down between her breasts, but she doesn’t care. All they care about right now is restoring what broke during their last disagreement. They promised to never allow the anger to hang around too long, to always allow their love to rule because it sustains them.

Which is exactly what happens when the waterfall starts to erupt inside her. She shivers and her pussy pulsates as they are bound by love once more. Relieved they both fall into the final embrace before sleep comes on.

Meeting in the Ladies Room

The room was packed. Everyone was there, the authors, the editors, and the publishers all in one room. She saw him enter the room. His presence commanded her attention and she wanted to go running to him. But he looked at her and nodded his head, fully reading her mind.

He knows her so well, knows that she will shut the world out for him. But tonight she had company, her friend was accompanying her and she knew that Daddy said in public events like this he was her editor. That is the relationship that they show the world. So she was obedient and waited anxiously for him to be close to her.

Eventually he came to the table. She averted her eyes so that James would not see the love in them. Only when she knew she could look at him did she look up.

He spoke, “Good evening Fedora how are you beautiful?”

She looked directly at him and responded, “Lovely Allen, thank you.”

Then added, “This is my friend James. James meet Allen my editor.”

They nodded at each other and shook hands. Clearly she was the center of attention. But she did not fidget nor was she nervous. She commanded both of their attention.

“Thank you for coming out to support us tonight.” Allen said.

“It is my pleasure da.. to support my fellow authors, they were there for me when my book was released.” She responded.

She thought to herself, “Damn I almost called him daddy. Got to get it together.”

She took a breath and continued turning towards James.

“You know my book took off and Allen was instrumental in my success.” she said.

“Yes, I can see that.” James replied.

“You know James shares our craft too.” She said to Allen.

“Really, that is great.” He replied.

“I must greet my other guests. It was nice to meet you and Fedora we will talk soon.”

He kissed her on her hand and was gone so quickly. Her heart was racing, and she felt the butterflies floating around in her stomach. Get it together Fedora, she said to herself.

“You seem close.” James said.

“Yes, we worked very closely when we were publishing the book.” She replied.

They sat there for a few minutes in silence watching the busyness of the room. James saw someone he knew and excused himself to talk to them.

Fedora went to the ladies room. James watched her from across the room. He was talking to the President of the publishing company but his eyes were fixed on her.

As soon as she reached the ladies room door, she felt him. He came behind her and guided her into the ladies room. She didn’t know if there was anyone in there but he blocked them in by holding her against the door.

“Hi Daddy.” She said looking directly into his eyes.

When she gazed into his eyes she could never hide what was inside. He had a way of pulling everything to the surface.

“Hello my goddess, you look delicious tonight.”

Then he put his hand between her legs, he played there until she released the honey that slowly dripped on his fingers. She just stood there waiting, listening, and wanting him to take her right there.

“You got him locked up.” He said.

He dug his fingers in deeper. She let out a sigh and her body responded in ripples.

“I know, Daddy taught me well.” She responded while lifting her leg to give him more access to her juicy lips.

“Make sure you give it to him good tonight.” He told her, while he stuck his thumb in her asshole. She whimpered and closed her eyes. They were silent for the longest moment. He took in the beauty of ecstasy on her face, as her body trembled from his touch. He took his fingers out and put them in her mouth. She licked all of the honey until there was none left.

“When you are with him tonight, straddle him, and think about Daddy.” He commanded.

“Give him the ride of his life, like you were riding Daddy baby.” He continued.

“Yes, Daddy anything to please you.” She replied.

He released her from the door and kissed her. As she turned to walk away he smacked her ass hard. She closed her eyes briefly and felt the honey ooze out of her wet pussy. Then she continued into the ladies room. He was gone as quickly as he came.

Butter – Love is in the Air

I am sitting here fully dressed. I need to go home but my legs won’t respond to the unconscious thought. He has captured me in ways that I was not prepared. I never imagined that he would come inside me and melt me like wax. His presence is soothing to my soul. Much like that of a spring day, like the one we shared on the road.

It was an impromptu trip. Rico had to deliver some paperwork to a client and he decided to do it personally instead of hiring a courier. The weather is perfect. The sun is shining brightly through wispy clouds. There is a light breeze, just enough to bring a slight chill but not enough for a coat. Simple moments like these mean so much. He wants me with him. I like it that he wants my company and not just my body. I mean we do have enough sex but it’s not the foundation of our relationship.

Love filled the space that we occupied together. The day is perfect to receive our hearts. I study him as he drives. He is so handsome. Diligent in his work. I watch him as he moves so gracefully, surely, and confidently. He takes my hand and kisses the back of it lightly allowing his breath to linger. The warmth of his breath starts a fire that goes through my veins and makes me shiver with excitement. He touches all that I am inside and out.

We pull into the parking lot of this grand hotel. The valet opens my door. Rico directs them to our bags in the back of the SUV. I almost gasp as I walk into the lobby. Everywhere my eye lands encompasses a piece of glass and water. It is gorgeous. Fountains flowing, clean crisp glass and silver.

“Hello Mr. Ventura, welcome back.” The lady behind the desk said.

“Hello. Thank you for such a warm welcome.” He replied.

“We have your room all ready for you just as you requested sir. You will be in room 817” She stated as she handed him his room card key.

She nods at me as we turn to walk away from the desk. We board the elevator and go up to the 8th floor. The floors are even more impressive with silver leaf trim on the ceilings and in the rugs.

“I have a surprise for you beautiful.” He said as he opens the door to the room.

“Uuhhhh Oh my God!!” I said as I walk into the room. The entire back wall is one floor to ceiling window with a direct view of the ocean. I can see the sun go down without ever leaving the bed. Rico had the room dressed with treats for me, my choice of wines and champagnes, fresh fruit, chocolates, and shrimp. There was bath already drawn with a robe laid out on the bed. All of this just for me. Who couldn’t love a man like that.

But the most break taking view is the one from our room. I am going to sit in the tub and watch the sun go down while he goes to work. There is someone in the room to assist me with unpacking and getting ready for the bath.

“Are you comfortable baby?  He asked while watching them take me away.

“Yes handsome. Thank you.” She squealed.

He gathers his briefcase and phone then leaves the room to attend to his business. The ladies help me unpack and make sure I am settled in the tub before they leave the room. I have everything I want within my reach. I lay my head back as I listen to the music softly playing.

“This is heaven!” I said aloud to myself.

I became so relaxed that I got a little aroused. The tub is equipped with a handheld shower with a massage head. I use it to spray some water on my face. I was already tingling because I was thinking about Rico touching me.

I stand up in the tub, lightly touch my nipples and allow the water to drip on them. The head of the shower wand is generous so the spray is adequate on my nipples. I tingle a little more. So I begin to softly caress my clit which, is throbbing and huge. I feel the blood rise in me and it sends a wave to my clit, wanting more. I turn the dial on the portable shower wand to the pulsating spray.

I direct the pulsating water directly to the tip of my clit and let loose. I hold it there for a few minutes then remove it right before I climax. When the throbbing lessens I redirect the pulsating water spray directly into my pussy slowly working the way back to my clit. The water rushes inside the crevices of my hole spewing water and cum all down my inner thigh. I continue this rotation until I simply cannot take it anymore.

Then I hold it there until I cum. My knees buckle as the orgasm rageds from within my loins.

“Ohhhh my God!!!” I scream holding on to the side of the tub.

I sit down in the tub and allow the water to flow over my body. I fall asleep within minutes and am awakended to a light kiss on my forehead.

“How was your evening?” He asked.

“Unbelievable.” I replied.

The Ride

I watch the flow
As I see it grow
Into the force
That will make me glow

Slowly I go
To let him know
How much he gives me
My love will show

He slides inside
As I glide
My body atop his pride
Filling me up
So I can ride

Slowly I go
Until I feel his flow
Which lets me know
How much deeper I can go

I ride, I glide
I slide inside
The flow of his love
His hardness
Makes it hard to
Keep my heart inside

Each flow lets me know
That he is mine
He watches intently
As I take him all inside

I kiss his lips
While I feel the tip
Hit the top of my spot
That makes me hot

His hands cup the softness
That envelopes him
Pulling me up and down
In and out until I shout

Please don’t let it come out
Give me all that I desire
Your love has my mind
And body on fire

He pulls me harder
I glide longer
We ride in unison
To build the momentum
That will propel
Our love into the universe

Ohhh no I say
I can’t get away
He’s going so deep
He’s getting ready to spray

I dig in and hold on
Securing my spot
I’m going to ride until
He releases the last drop

He squeezes me tight
I give up the fight
He lifts me up
Pushing gliding riding
Ohhh no
Pushing gliding riding

So hard so strong
I feel it spray all inside
It hits the wall
Releases a major
Eruption deep down inside