“Speak up” “Speak Out” & “Speak Within”

Self-Care Check-in w/Coach Athena of The Life Calling Coach

Coach Athena shares the weekly Self-Care Check-In Reading from the African Goddess Rising Tarot deck. The Goddess Temple Spread is a “check-in with yourself. The three goddesses that choose you represent your current state of mind, body, and soul.”

In her reading the soul will be reading for your spirit, as your soul comprises your will and mind which is influenced by the energy of the body and spirit.

Book a personal Wellness Growth Reading and Self-Care Check-In Reading with Coach Athena.

Watch the corresponding Wellness Growth Reading for your collective reading and objective. Visit www.thelifecallingcoach.com to register for the Discover Your Life Path course and coaching membership.

Fedora loves you! Peace


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