Just Some of My Thought on…What Matters

Just Some of My Thoughts on What Matters by Fedora
Just some of my thoughts.... By Fedora @fedoralovespoetry
Just Some of My Thoughts On… What Matters

My man made love to me this morning. The early morning love before toothbrushes and breakfast. Not influenced by our motivators, stimulates, nor foreplay. Just “Good Morning Beautiful”! It’s a quiet hush the kids will hear, soft, slow, love session. The core of US is our love which doesn’t require any external boosts to fulfill.

What Matters

What really matters in your life? I am asking this because life can throw curve balls some meant to take you out. What really matters to you when you are in crisis? Is it the situations you were mad about? The people who wronged you? Your children? Your spouse? Your best friend?

What Really Matters

Life matters and how you live it. As I told you lovers, this stage of my life is about me! Not because I am being selfish. Not because of my divorce. I am doing it because I matter! Since I was 23 years old I have never taken time for ME! It has always been about caring for others. I did it lovingly but it takes a lot out of you, especially when the love is not being poured back into self.

I love Me! So I choose to live a life that is fulfilling to my soul instead of what may matter to someone else. Love is at the forefront of my days. I surround myself with others who thrive to live and love daily. I avoid negative energy because it is life draining.

Love Matters

Love matters more than food. Did you know that abandoned babies would die when they didn’t receive the love and nurture of their parents? Love matters and it should include early morning lovemaking, hugs, kisses, touches, and whispers. Starting with YOU! Go out into the sunshine and find some true authentic people who LOVE life, like it matters!

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