I Choose You by KIANA LEDÉ

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved. Natalie Cole - Fedora Loves Poetry


This one is for My Heart….

Your smile, your voice
Creeps inside my heart with everything you do
I have no choice
Loving you is all that I know how to do

Even when you knew it was heavy
You was still holding me up

Even when you were in pieces
You would hold me together

Even though I was your baby
You always saw the fight me

When no one there was there to hold my back
Don’t you know that I choose you over anybody else
When you’re not around it’s just bad for my health
I’m good on my own, but with you I’m something else

You’re telling me to choose up, but I already choose you
I choose you-you, I choose you-you
They say it’s choose up season, finally I got a reason
Yeah, and I want you-you, I choose you-you

Everybody needs someone to hold it down
I choose you
Your soul…

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Fedora Loves You. Fedora Loves Poetry
Fedora Loves You. Peace
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