Just Some of My Thoughts On… Accepting Love

Just Some of My Thoughts On... Accepting Love by Fedora
Just some of my thoughts.... By Fedora @fedoralovespoetry
Just Some of My Thoughts On… Accepting Love

Love’s energy compels us to do more, be more, give more, and accept more. I have run from love for many years but now it surrounds me, looks for me, overwhelms me, and pleases me. My man is making music inspired by our love and connection. I love music as much as he does, as you can tell by the variety of music I share. Music has to touch me for me to listen to it. But very few artists create from within anymore.

So imagine when I hear these songs that were created from within him. I hear his love, his soul, his heart- I see him-in the music. I see us in the music. I am immediately transported back to the moments they were created, our moments.

How do you know when a man really wants “you” the woman, not just to hang out with, I mean really want you in his life, his future? How do you know? I will admit that I am learning things very late, but I am learning them. I used to believe that a man who wanted you sexually loved you. But I learned the hard way that is not true.

My man recently told me he wanted to be more to me than just sex. He has been there for me in many ways by choice. His love for me shows in everything we do. He gives me the best of himself on purpose. I do the same for him. We are not perfect, just purposeful. This creates an experience for both of us that fulfills us, propels us, and grounds us.

So today I stand with him, unconditionally, I choose to love him as he is all of him! I love him on purpose! I accept your love on purpose handsome. I patiently stand on our love today and forever!!!

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