Destiny by Fedora, Picture by Stefan Keller

Why do you look at me
Expecting me to be
Perfect in every way
Perfection does not exist

Always ready to criticize
Why, how and when
I do what I do
Not realizing that
I struggle daily

To live my life
To fulfill my obligations
To God first
Then to myself
Then the others
Who depend on me

I don’t always hit the mark
I fall short
But I get up the next day
Learn from my shortcomings
Keep moving

I am not asking you
To settle for less than
What you deserve
But I am asking you
To love and accept me
As I am

To allow me to be the
Free spirited being
God made me to be
To not clip my wings
With your spirit of negativity

Yes you know the words
That slip off your tongue
Because you don’t understand
My choices

Choices that go against the norm
What the world thinks
I should be doing
Fuck the world
They screwed me over
Early in my life

I no longer drum to its beat
I drum to the beat of the
Passion in my heart
Placed there by God
To fulfill my destiny

It really doesn’t matter
Whether you approve
Because I will never allow you
To disrupt my groove

All I ask
Is that if you stay
You allow me the space
To be me
To be free
To be all that God made me
To fulfill my destiny

Written July 2, 2015 by Fedora

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