Polygamy Family from South African reality show, Uthando neSthembu

I always deal with controversial topics on my blog. We explored BDSM together.  I don’t know about you but It was an eye-opener for me.

I am now researching polyamory and polygamy. I recently found out they were two separate types of relationships. But when we had this conversation as a group some people felt rather strongly either for or against.

So first let’s talk about polygamy, which is plural marriage. A man will have one legal wife but then take on several more wives. The show Big Love from HBO follows a polygamy family who does so because of their religion. Polygamy is big in Utah and also illegal. Why is it illegal? Is it because it is too confusing from a legal standpoint? Let’s face it our country is only concerned with how they can prosper off our lifestyles not that they are suitable. Yes, it may be my opinion but that’s how I feel. If this country can allow same-sex marriage, why not plural marriage.

Well in African countries a man can marry as many women as he can adequately take care of, which usually means the most wealthiest men have more than one wife. The South African reality show, Uthando neSthembu follows Zacharia Kurgat and his wives as they attempt to balance life in a polygamous union.

Now in the same breath there are those who oppose plural marriage for their own reasons. Some don’t think it’s right morally, some think it’s selfish, but for those who choose it believe it to be the ultimate expression of their love.

Which leads to the question can one love more than one person in a committed relationship?

Interested in knowing your answer. We will continue this discussion soon.

Fedora loves you. Peace

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