My Honey

My Honey by Fedora

His tongue sent waves
through my pussy
my thighs
down my limbs

I quivered with utter delight
Squirming to get away
To stay all in one motion
His grip on my hips
Was firm so
I settled in for his visit

He announced himself
With a wisp of air
Across my clit
It’s cooling sensation
Sparked a fire

He devoured my clit
Suckled the tip
Allowing it to slip
Between his lips

He caressed it
With his tongue
Back and forth
Back and forth
Covering all of
My honey pot

My honey dripped
Slipped down his tongue
Tickled his voice box
Satisfied his palate
As I climaxed
On his tongue

I shivered
He gripped tighter
I was suspended
He suckled more
The sensations
Made his intentions clear

He was hungry
Hungry for
My taste
My love
My honey

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