Intimacy and Spiritual Communion


I would like to share a quote from a book I am reading called Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path by Alan Seale.

In your current times, too often you first assume that a particular relationship can or should be sexual. My dear one, very few relationships have as their true highest intention a sexual component. Sexual Union is the highest form of communication between two beings. However, in making your fast assumptions, you make it one of the lowest forms. Sexual Union is communion of spirit. It is the highest and most profound coming together.”

This quote touched me deep within my soul. I spent most of my adult life doing just the opposite. I rushed into sexual relationships like they were nothing, which in turn really made them nothing but sex. I longed to experience more than sex with my partner, my true soul mate. To hear described in such a sacred way makes it such a special encounter. An enlightened form of love making. Clearly something that is not experienced with just anyone.

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