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The Story of Us – She Adores Him

“Let me look at you.” She says, as she gazes upon his sculpted body.

Shaking her head, she slowly traces the path of his bulging vein on his right arm, through its peaks and valleys. The beauty of his body excites her. The chiseled muscles that he purposely flexes when he knows she is watching.

“You are such a hot sexy man.”

” Will you allow me to celebrate the beauty of your manliness?” She asks, moving her gaze to his eyes. She loves to admire him.

He strokes her left cheek and then kisses her slightly parting her lips with his tongue. She responds in kind with the tip of her tongue. They stay locked for a few seconds. She pulls back from his kiss and returns her gaze to his body.

She pours oil into her left hand, then some on his chest. She rubs the oil over his chest and allows some to drip on the ripples of his abs. She catches the oil with the other hand and works both hands over his body until they met in the middle. Wait, she isn’t ready for that yet.

She pours more oil on his biceps and watches them come alive as he moves his arms. She massages his shoulders paying close attention to tight spots. She wants to relieve all the stress from his day before they make love.

She sits behind him and kisses the back of his neck. As she kisses him, she remembers their latest fight. She pauses for a moment as her mind goes back to the event, until his hand lightly touches hers and she starts massaging him again. Then, he guides her hands between  his legs. She looks down and decides its best to follow suit.

She pours more oil into her hand and cups his dick like it was in a cup of oil. Slowly she drips the oil along his hardness. She squeezes and strokes simultaneously from the shaft to the head. The vein bulges along his shaft like a bolt of thunder, exciting all the juices within her body.

“If you keep doing that I am going to dig my tongue in your pussy from the back.” He taunts.

She doesn’t flinch. She continues to massage his hard bulging piece of love like it was the first time. She strokes and squeezes the head and then plays with it using her fingers.

In a matter of minutes he is up and re-positions her, guiding her to her knees. Moments later, she is startled, as she feels the wetness of his tongue between her pussy lips. She feels his tongue go in and out of her hot wet pussy. She shivers as she feels the orgasm hit her hips then radiate to the rest of her body.

Next, she feels him breathe life into her through what she has termed as “the SWOOSH”, the wave that penetrates her soul as he enters her. She melts, her body instantly succumbs to him, as she manages to mutter,

“Yes, that’s what I want.”

“That’s what you deserve. To be loved this way always.” He replies, gripping her thighs as he thrusts more inside her.

She wants to feel his life pulsate within her body as he gives his love to her. He goes deeper, then he says,

“I want to kiss your lips beautiful.”

So he turns her on her back. Her clit is standing at attention and he sucks on it until she arches her bottom in the air, in surrender.  His tongue is now on hers. She smells her scent on him as he kisses her and they lock for a minute. Then he caresses her body as he begins his dissent into her.

Once he is inside her, she releases waves of orgasms. He continues the momentum by simultaneously riding her waves and kissing her. Their eyes lock for a second. He looks inside her then deliberately touches her in a way that she knows how he feels.

“Ooh baby!!”  She moans loudly, as he rhythmically strokes her, watches her, and kisses her.

They love each other this way until everything is said, every breath of life is shared, and Us is renewed and reconnected. She is sweating, its dripping down between her breasts, but she doesn’t care. All they care about right now is restoring what broke during their last disagreement. They promised to never allow the anger to hang around too long, to always allow their love to rule because it sustains them.

Which is exactly what happens when the waterfall starts to erupt inside her. She shivers and her pussy pulsates as they are bound by love once more. Relieved they both fall into the final embrace before sleep comes on.

Owning Your Truth

Owning your truth. When you know your truth but are afraid to walk in it who benefits from such indecision? My truth is that I really love him and want to be his wife. But the second part of my truth is that I am not ready to be his everything right now. The answer is no one because everything becomes stagnate when indecision rules.

So, what is your truth? I mean what is really keeping you stuck in your current love cycle? Take a moment and sit quietly. Allow your mind to be still. Hear what your heart beats. Listen to the cries of your soul. Find your truth. It’s important because it’s a crucial step towards living on purpose in love.

Perhaps your truth lands you in a peculiar spot where your path is not as solid as you’d hoped. The important thing is to land. Once truth settles your feet on the ground, you will find your path. Although, my truth says that I want to marry again the path is not leading directly to it. No, my path is leading towards individual purpose before joint purpose.

Growth as US requires two strong individuals growing together as they learn to balance love and life. You both have to be ready, willing, and able to provide all that is desired. This is a step that is missed by young couples today. You feel that rush of feelings, the connection, and you dive in heart first. I am not saying that it is not good to follow your heart either. But your head should lead when considering commitment.

Finally, allow your spirit to help you discover your truth. Pray and ask God for guidance towards this step so that you will accept what is being revealed to you. Truth brings the path towards purpose.

Fedora loves you. Peace


Man In His Image

He is all
I’ve ever
In a man


He completes this
World I live in
Making me realize
He was
The missing element
The whole time

God created
Such a man
In His own image
To create life
To carry on His greatness
To Dominate his world
To spread His love