Nothing Missing Nothing Broken

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Nothing missing Nothing Broken

Nothing Missing Nothing Broken by FedoraI have had something missing inside me since I was about 9 years old. A piece of me died and as a result many things in my life became broken. I had nothing but broken relationships with men. I have many broken friendships. I have had my heartbroken several times. I became so accustomed to things not working.

But brokenness will catch up with you eventually and cause you turmoil, emotional turmoil that will follow you until you deal with it. This turmoil is a mixture of hurt, fear, and anger. You spend years hurt from the pain inflicted upon you by those who were supposed to love you. As a result fear keeps you from ever opening your heart to love another or to receive the love. Then you are angry because you realize that you are not fulfilled but can’t escape this cycle of hurt, fear and anger.

Today I am whole! I no longer have anything missing and nothing broken in my life. God has closed up all of those old wounds. I am still facing one more situation though but the root of this is already dead. The only thing left is to close the door. I no longer run from these things. Instead I run to them. Why, because there is freedom on the other side of the door. Many never reach that point because they won’t even face the hurt so they can get to the door.

But I did and I am now able to walk in my freedom. I am finally whole and ready to embrace life fully. I am excited about what this year is going to bring because everything will be new. Everything! So starting it out on a clean slate being totally restored emotionally, spiritually and physically sets the stage for a purposeful and exciting destiny.

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