Just some of Fedora's thoughts on...

Just some of my thoughts on.. Freedom


The chains broke yesterday…today confirmed. I am free! What does my freedom mean to me? What is freedom?

Being bound is like watching the world exist without you. Everyone seems to be moving except you. You are stuck and can’t seem to catch up.

Being free is like viewing the world as it happens, taking in every second, word, and action. Experiencing things as they occur and anticipating the next round.

I am excited in ways you would never know. My mind is full of energy to create. The words flow. The ideas come fluidly. Action is not too far behind. Decisions come without rashness. Careful consideration is given to all that I encounter.

The road is open and clear. For once I get to take my time and explore things prior to committing. I am a bit selfish as well but damn I deserve it. I turned 50 this year. It’s my turn to receive.  I like my freedom. No, I LOVE my FREEDOM!!


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