Fear of Love

Fear of Love by Fedora Pic by Blacky91

I love you in a way
That makes me so vulnerable
I feel too much
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know how to stop it

I want to walk away
Forget you
But my heart
Won’t allow it
Even when I am not angry anymore
I still want to love you

I have to confess
I am so scared of us
Scared to love you
Scared not to love you

The whirlwind of love
Drives me crazy
Makes me want to escape
This emotional war
Raging in my heart

So I turn to the
Heat of the place
Which takes me away
Despite the fact
They never satisfy my ways

But I know that he
Loves many
So differently
In the same ways
That make
Them want to stay

Another thing
That makes me crash
Close my heart
Pray it never starts
To love another again

Our future
Flashes before me
Smiling I see
You loving me

But the world
Shines its light
On our differences
Making me fly
For fear that love
Will make me disappear

I close my heart
My voice
My words away
Hiding my truth

That my biggest fear is
Spending the rest of my life
Without your love
After waiting
So long to find you

Picture by Blacky91

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