Happy Anniversary Fedora

Lovers, friends and followers:

Today is the two-year anniversary of Fedora Loves Poetry. I cannot believe that it has been two years, 24 months of sharing love with those who live as passionately as I do. We reached 500 likes in two years!!! Thank you to all who made reaching 500 likes a reality.

As a treat for my most beloved readers I have two things for you:

  • Calor ButterCalor Butter An Erotic SeriesFind out what happens in this steamy love triangle. Who wins and gains 100% of her heart? Find out in my book, coming in spring 2017. I will wrap this story up and present a few more twists for our girl and her lovers. Guaranteed to be Rojo Caliente!
  • His Love for Us by FedoraThe Story of Us – This is her story, their story, his story and God’s story. It is all of them in one. Their story told through personal conversations with her heart. She allows you inside her intimate thoughts to see the vulnerabilities of her heart and how they propose challenges, pain, happiness, fulfillment, obedience, disappointment, and joy. Not your typical erotic fiction but more of a passionate blend between love and erotica, straight from the heart of a woman who never knew love.

The Story of Us is my new erotic fiction blog series. I want my lovers to know that I really appreciate the love and attention you bring to the site. Please visit again and again.

Fedora loves you! Peace


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