Standing Still

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Just some of my thoughts... Standing Still

When he hurts, I hurt. I feel him in my heart. But how? How are we able to connect with another person in that way? I never understood it but I have experienced it. Love is like that. It binds you, which is why I always say that a person who genuinely loves you will do their best not to hurt you because hurting you would hurt them.

So what do you do? You can’t take away their pain and you can’t fix what’s wrong. Just stand, be there, and love them. Don’t try to fix things for them, but try to see their perspective. Give them the space to grieve, be angry, or whatever they need to heal. But don’t forget to be patient because it may take some time.

I was always the one who was on the supportive side. I called when they needed and they asked me how I knew. But now it was my turn. I was torn up emotionally that night, sitting in my car. I couldn’t move because of some things that had happened. I needed time. The phone rang unexpectedly. It was him. He quickly acknowledged everything I had said throughout the day to him. The tears stopped and I could breathe.

I began to tell him about what had me so upset, my world began to calm down. I could think. There was a silence on the phone. I asked him if he were still there. He said he wasn’t going anywhere. He was there and he didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything wise to make me feel better. There was just silence. The silence that healed me that night. The silence that told me he could feel me like I felt him.

I’m not going anywhere! Sometimes standing still is all that’s needed.

Fedora loves you. Peace

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