How Could I

How Could I by Fedora

Do they know
How my heart aches for you
How my mind says no
But my heart overrides each time
As it searches for your eyes

I heard them talking
How could I…
How could I…
I thought that too
How could I…
But here I am
What do I say

Nothing I guess
I keep loving him
Despite the conversation I hear
How could I…
I ask myself as I consider
What to say

I say that I am caught
Caught in this moment
That I don’t quite know
This moment
That has me asking
How could I…

How could I…
Love him as I do
Knowing what I know
How could I…
Allow our hearts to collide

He loves me
I love him
That explains it all
The How could I…
Was never meant to
Grow into this
This crash where
Our hearts collide

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