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Just some of Fedora's thoughts on...

Just some of my thoughts on.. Loving SelfI love this woman! The one who loves herself enough to be selfish. Why? Because I have never been selfish before. In the past I always put others before myself and then was mad because I felt like I got the short end of the stick. But not anymore. I love the woman I am!!!

I got selfish and pursued things that made me happy. It started with my education. I went back to school and cut everyone out of my life so that I could focus. I even pursued love because it was lovely, it was everything I desired and much more that I didn’t realize. I am generally not aggressive and outspoken with men about my feelings, but he was different. See he gets me, I mean appreciates my words, my thoughts, and my vision. That old woman would have walked away without a thought, whisper, or touch fearful of what he made her feel.

But not this woman! Through His eyes I could see another side of myself. A sexy, beautiful woman who loves herself. I was referred to as his “arm candy.” I was like, who me? I have never been candy before. At least I wasn’t told that I was and that old woman never regarded herself as such. But I began to pay attention to how I was received by others and yes I saw it. Then I embraced it. Now I believe it because I love this woman. That is why I treat myself. I buy myself the things I love that make me feel great about who I am. I love this woman!

TD Jakes preached about how a thought will hold us captive and that today a thought will bring you out. How we wrestle with ideas and we are fighting over our past versus our future. My future is so bright, I see it. I see my healing manifested. I am walking in it. I am so thankful. I don’t have to accept any attention just because its attention, Praise God. I want what is truly for me.

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