“Glorious love”

I couldn’t have said this better.


Glorious love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love can make us feel like kings and love can make us feel like a pauper.


                           Glorious love.

We danced and learned true laughter at the small lake,
than we forgot the glorious dances and nights when we held each other so tightly.
We believed we were invincible.

Once two people whispered secret words and dreams into the deepen part of the night.
Where lovers can be free in words and in desire.

Somewhere sweet and passionate love decayed with time.
We tried to hold on with resonance of a precious love and sweet kisses.

The old feather bed we shared.
Hold the smell of sweet perfume.
Lost clothing left hidden in secret places to remind me of sweet words
and beautiful faces.

Beauty and sweet dreams is but a flower.
Time will devour the flower leaving only disdain and wishes.


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