Three Words

Three Words by Fedora








Three words is what he said
That told me
Neither something new
Nor unknown
But ohhh
To hear him say it

Three words
Made me ready myself
To walk in God’s destiny
Accepting the path
Prepared for us

But instead of walking away
He pulls me back
With three words
A promise
Only to be
Who I need him to be

My friend
My encourager
My Heart
The one who sees
Me thoroughly


Loving Self

Just some of my thoughts on.. Loving SelfI love this woman! The one who loves herself enough to be selfish. Why? Because I have never been selfish before. In the past I always put others before myself and then was mad because I felt like I got the short end of the stick. But not anymore. I love the woman I am!!!

I got selfish and pursued things that made me happy. It started with my education. I went back to school and cut everyone out of my life so that I could focus. I even pursued love because it was lovely, it was everything I desired and much more that I didn’t realize. I am generally not aggressive and outspoken with men about my feelings, but he was different. See he gets me, I mean appreciates my words, my thoughts, and my vision. That old woman would have walked away without a thought, whisper, or touch fearful of what he made her feel.

But not this woman! Through His eyes I could see another side of myself. A sexy, beautiful woman who loves herself. I was referred to as his “arm candy.” I was like, who me? I have never been candy before. At least I wasn’t told that I was and that old woman never regarded herself as such. But I began to pay attention to how I was received by others and yes I saw it. Then I embraced it. Now I believe it because I love this woman. That is why I treat myself. I buy myself the things I love that make me feel great about who I am. I love this woman!

TD Jakes preached about how a thought will hold us captive and that today a thought will bring you out. How we wrestle with ideas and we are fighting over our past versus our future. My future is so bright, I see it. I see my healing manifested. I am walking in it. I am so thankful. I don’t have to accept any attention just because its attention, Praise God. I want what is truly for me.

“Glorious love”

I couldn’t have said this better.


Glorious love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love can make us feel like kings and love can make us feel like a pauper.


                           Glorious love.

We danced and learned true laughter at the small lake,
than we forgot the glorious dances and nights when we held each other so tightly.
We believed we were invincible.

Once two people whispered secret words and dreams into the deepen part of the night.
Where lovers can be free in words and in desire.

Somewhere sweet and passionate love decayed with time.
We tried to hold on with resonance of a precious love and sweet kisses.

The old feather bed we shared.
Hold the smell of sweet perfume.
Lost clothing left hidden in secret places to remind me of sweet words
and beautiful faces.

Beauty and sweet dreams is but a flower.
Time will devour the flower leaving only disdain and wishes.


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Lazy Days

The lightness of the air
Catches my attention
Whispers in my ear
I’m so glad
That you are here

The clock moves slow
Literally allowing me to see
You and I
No where to go
Nothing to do
But be with you

You touch my hand
Letting me know
That you appreciate
All that I am

Peace is here
No sounds
Just her voice
Echoing throughout the room
Kissing the breath
We release so we
Take her back in
When we breathe

Lazy love
One may call this
A love that doesn’t
Require maintenance
Just sustenance
Just the breath of peace
To keep it going
To keep it growing

I’ve never loved like this
Enjoying lazy days
So complete
Just being in love
With only you