My Dream Last Night

My Dream Last Night by Fedora

My dream last night…..

I am tired of this with him
I don’t want this connection anymore
It makes me feel some type of way
Weakens my senses and
Makes me want to run to him

But then I fight with that part of me
That always remains cool
When it comes to him because
I want to really cuss his ass out

Why are we going through this?
Why are we so far away?
Don’t you know who I am?

I am your inner being
Presented to you in the
Most beautiful, soft, plumpness
Pleasing to any man

I am your heart
Screaming to get out and
Pour into the world

I am your thoughts
Encompassing all that God presents
I am your voice
Screaming to be heard

I am everything
Your prayers consisted of
Tainted by your heart.
I am ….

That’s as far as it gets
It never goes beyond that moment.
The anger or thoughts
That made feel that way
Are all washed away
When his heart touches me

My heart is forced to do better,
Give more,
Do something different
What is that about?
Why can’t I cuss him out?

At times I felt caught in his vacuum
Sucking me up into the whirlwind
Created by his heart
His dreams
His mistakes
His past
His present
His mind
His spirit
His world
That he keeps only to himself
The parts that he doesn’t
Share with everyone.
I get to see….

This is where it takes me
Deep inside my thoughts
Into my heart
I see myself
I am challenged
To face my own heart
What does it keep saying to me?
Where does it lead me?
God reigns there
His spirit speaks loudly to me.
It says…..

That’s when I woke up

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