Hi Beautiful

I miss him today
I didn’t get
To hear him say
“Hi Beautiful”

That’s what he calls me
How he sees me
But today I only get bits and pieces
Of him in letters words phrases

He has given me enough
To let me know that he
Values me
In his life

Has someone made
You feel
Cared for

He does
Everytime he says
“Hi Beautiful”


I Belong to Him

I belong to him
From the top of my head
To the tip of my nose
His scent catches me
I am froze

I belong to him
From my shoulders down
To my belly button hole
He flutters inside my heart
Makes me feel whole

I belong to him
From my hips
Around and downtown
Where the fire burns
When he comes around

I belong to him
My thighs, my knees
His tongue goes down my legs
My toes and feet they glow
As he kisses them
Up and down
Making me say ohhh

I belong to him
From the inside out
My body recognizes
His shout
My heart beats
Each time he speaks
I go to him in my mind
Each and every time
Reminding me of
Why he is mine

10 principles for healthy 24/7 D/s and M/s

Le_Rêve_d'un_flagellant_by_George_TopferI read this piece for the first time last year. Re-reading has helped me further understand more about the foundation of a D/s relationship. I want to share it with my readers. Fedora loves you. Peace.

Sex Geek

I recently taught a workshop called “Doing it 24/7: The Basics of Everyday Dominance and Submission.” It was an interesting experience—essentially it showed me that there’s a strong interest in the topic that goes way beyond what can fit into a 90-minute time slot. I’m seriously thinking of developing a workshop series on the topic and offering it on a weekly basis in Toronto somewhere. In the meantime, I figured I’d post some of the basic stuff I started with.

First, let me frame this. I’m not drawing a distinction between 24/7 D/s and M/s, because I find that different people use the terms in overlapping ways. So rather than say what I think each one is, I’ll just say that I’m talking about relationships that involve a full-time power hierarchy. For me, that means relationships in which the two (or more) people involved always relate to one another from…

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Time for Action


This is so true. I have been in this situation three times. Go figure! They did nothing. They never came back and said I love you I know I’m not perfect but I want us. They are still gone. They talked and talked. I changed but they did not nor did the relationships.

However one of them did come back but not for me. He came back for sex. Oh he would not even admit that he wanted us or me for that matter. But he did admit that he wanted my body. I turned him down. He got engaged to another woman. His third wife. After 20 years he never proposed to me, never!

The other two blamed me for the demise of the relationship. They wanted me back but only in the same way we existed prior to the break up. They felt like they did not need to change at all. I owned my shortcomings, although it was not easy. But as a couple there was no growth. No apology on their part. No I love you and can’t live without you. No I really want you in my life and then they showed me through their actions. Nothing but blame.

This type of succession began to make me think that I was unworthy of a man’s love and commitment. I knew that I was worthy of their sexual desires and attention but not enough to really make sacrifices for in order to be a part of their life. Well f??? them!! It’s their loss.

I made the decision over seven years ago that I would never settle for less than my worth again. If a man did not show me (not tell me) that I was important to them and valued me in their life, then I was not committing myself to a relationship. No more empty promises! Time for action because true love is an action not a word.